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Congrats to @R3dlineR6 (NET) and @Fantastish (GROSS) winning the TGC 2018/2019 SPRING TOUR - RBC Canadian Open !

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TGC Version 3.0 released!

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  • TGC Version 3.0 released!

    TGC Version 3.0 released.
    • Added Extensive Tour Data logging
    • Added Advanced Configuration Settings
    • Added SkyTrak Boost Options upto +/-50%
    • Added Minimap Distances
    • Added Minimap Mouse point and click aiming
    • Added ability to change personal handicap
    • Added Keyboard shortcut (R) for auto rewind
    • Improved Search Feature to find ProTee Courses
    • Fixed Sweetspot position on analysis screen
    • Fixed Sweetspot text always left on analysis screen
    • Fixed Analysis Screen for left handed players when pressing (i)
    • Added Tour Identifier
    • Added User Adjustable Green Stimp
    • Added User Adjustable Green Firmness
    • Added Machine ID and License Key copy and paste buttons
    • Added Time of Day Control
    • Reset Weather to Sunny when using Time of Day Control
    • Added Course Handicap Rating after 10 plays
    • Added Ball out of View mode
    • Added Gimme Distance 1 yard minimum
    • Added Skip Hole (Concede)
    • Changed Offline Play and available courses
    • Integrated API access
    • Fixed Low Backpin Bug
    • Fixed Excessive Side Spin
    • Added Limited Edition Mode
    • Added Off Center Camera adjustment
    • Added Camera Follow Timer
    • Added New Camera Follow Mode
    • Fixed Camera Passing green in Scout Mode
    • Fixed possible Game Crash on lost internet connection
    • Added SDK Version Check
    • Added 5500+ Golf Courses
    • Improved Yardages
    • Small bug fixes
    We recommend to update your system as soon as possible.

    Registered customer will receive an email with update instructions.

  • #2
    Just played a few holes, this is a really cool update. Functional minimap is nice.

    I see the default putting speed was increased to stimp 7, and I will probably leave it there for now. Didnt notice a huge difference, but dont want to jack it up to 10 all at once.

    Could you post a document that describes all of these values in the config.txt file? What are the possible values for Green Firmness for example? Stimp and boost I understand, but I'm not sure on the others (and I assume they probably should not be changed).

    High BackSpin Correction=ON
    Show Club Data=ON

    Horizontal Angle Correction=ON
    Putting Correction=ON
    Driver Boost=0
    Wood Boost=0
    Iron Boost=0
    Wedge Boost=0
    Putter Boost=0
    Short Chip Correction=ON

    [Course Configuration]
    Green Stimp=7
    Green Firmness=2


    • rsuslow
      rsuslow commented
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      For the boost, do we just add a value up to 5 in place of the 0? Not sure if I'm going to use this. I'll decide after I play a round or two, but I'd like to know before I start.

    • ProTee United
      ProTee United commented
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      Yes, 5 will be 5% (roughly). Its all relative, so you will have to fiddle around with it to find the right values that work with limited flight balls.

    • Fieldygolf
      Fieldygolf commented
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      I've worked it out now I think
      Last edited by Fieldygolf; 05-15-2016, 09:17 PM.

  • #3
    Here is a screencap of the minimap, and the auto-rewind toggle (hotkey = R...very handy).

    Playing Sawgrass at 1pm time-of-day setting.


    • #4
      What does high backspin correction do? Other than correct high backspin.

      Love the green adjustments. I am on 9 stimp as it reflects the 3 or 4 local courses that I play. I also love the follow cam delay. 4.5 is to my liking.
      Last edited by keither5150; 05-14-2016, 06:11 PM.


      • #5
        The back spin issue was due to drives falling out of the sky. It was corrected.

        Just so people know, the setting above are accessed only in start up when the server is off.


        • #6
          Important to note that those using GSX now need to set the putting to 0 or your greens will roll like 15 feet.


          • mthunt
            mthunt commented
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            Set putting speed in GSX to 0 and set green speed in my settings.

          • ks-man
            ks-man commented
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            Doh, guessing this is why I hit so many putts way too hard. I will set putting speed back to 0 in GSX. What would you recommend setting the green speed to mthunt? Do you just leave it at the default? Thanks.

          • mthunt
            mthunt commented
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            Set it at 9 or 10 and 2 in firmness.

        • #7
          Nuts. Should've waited to play my tournament rounds...


          • #8
            Can anyone explain how the excessive back & side spin is working? Does it seem better? I can't wait to get my Skytrak back from Skygolf and play with the updates!


            • Shardak
              Shardak commented
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              I struggle off the tee, pretty bad fade in real life. On TGC it was amplified, and made me typically use a 3W off the tee unless I had plenty of room. I just tried a few holes at Sawgrass, and either TGC has reduced side spin penalty, or I was hitting my driver very well. It felt very real. Still a bit of a fade, but I hit a few fairways.

              Im not sure what else has changed, and maybe its because I was just hitting the ball well today, but I was even able to hold some greens with 7i and 8i that normally seem to run out too far in TGC. I played only about 6 or 7 holes, and it all felt so real today.

              Good job pro-tee.

            • rsuslow
              rsuslow commented
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              So good to hear! I have a decent slice with my driver IRL, about 20-30 yards left, but in TGC it was 40-50 yards left. So I would aim as I would, but it would still go left. Can't wait to play with the updates!

          • #9
            Love the camera delay, moved mine to 4.5 sec. It seems to be the sweetspot but I hit a high trajectory. The minimap click is nice but needs a zoom feature for more detailed aiming. Hopefully this mini map will set the stage for the ball drop option for practice anywhere on a hole.

            Side spin is fixed now for me. Previously,I had to set spin to 50 % for my woods and at 82% global. After update I reset this to default and spin seems spot on now. Thanks Protee!
            Last edited by Craig118; 05-14-2016, 08:25 PM.


            • #10
              Major bug! I think it repeats the previous shot randomly. I hit my drive about 240 and then hit a 6 iron for my next shot and it went 240. I hit replay and hit the 6 iron again and it went 170. Next shot around the green was a little 20 yard pitch. I hit my 60 degree what I expect to carry 15 yards and it went 170.

              So I go to the next hole and hit a chip off the tee box. I hit rewind and then hit a driver and the ball goes 20 yards lol.

              Finally the chip issue is not fixed. I went to the skytrack range and with my 60 degree I average about 5000 rpm backspin. The most I could get in TGC around the green was 1900ish and it still showed 0 side spin.

              How can I download the previous version? This version is unplayable.


              • BamaGambler
                BamaGambler commented
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                Btw when I chipped on the tee box I could get 5000 backspin. I don't understand why chip shots work on the tee box but not around the green. I still think it has something to do with going into putting mode. Why, why, why do you put skytrak in putting mode when I don't have the putter selected?

            • #11
              So when downloading the update does it take you threw a complete installation like when you first buy it


              • #12
                With the boost option for skytrak now almost golf balls can be boosted a bit for us poor souls with kids bedrooms above the garage


                • Godfather
                  Godfather commented
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                  Excellent point! If you nail down the right boost percentage, let me know. Mine is in the house below bedrooms.

              • #13
                The "Concede Hole" option seems to have a bug. It works when I TEE-OFF but not when I CONTINUE a round.

                1) Start TGC and load desired course (In my case Quail Hollow but I don't think it matters).
                2) Select TEE-OFF to start round and immediately CONCEDE first hole. It goes to Hole #2 and works fine,
                3) Then exit round and immediately hit CONTINUE to re-enter the round. You'll be on Hole #2 as expected. CONCEDE that hole and it will lock out the keyboard just before loading Hole #3. Hole #3 will not load. The game is unplayable at that point and only way out is to kill TGC then restart the game.


                • keither5150
                  keither5150 commented
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                  That is odd. I just tried it..... just like you say.

              • #14
                Originally posted by ProTee United View Post
                [*]Fixed Camera Passing green in Scout Mode

                Not fixed.

                I tested 153 yards from green, selected Driver and hit Q for the Scout Camera.. No joy. The camera flew deep into the woods a hundred yards past the green.

                EDIT: Please disregard since I tested with the originally settings which weren't changed. Instead the Scout Cam has a new preset called Automatic which does as expected. It works perfectly around the green and in the fairway. So in fact FIXED, no issues.
                Last edited by FaultyClubs; 05-15-2016, 06:59 PM.


                • FaultyClubs
                  FaultyClubs commented
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                  RDH's proposal was that the Scout Camera should only go as far as the selected club landing area OR the green whichever comes first.

                • Js1010
                  Js1010 commented
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                  Faulty, did you set Scout Cam to automatic mode. Its a new 3rd option along with Green and Landng Area.

                • FaultyClubs
                  FaultyClubs commented
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                  JS: No, I didn't notice it was added. I just tried the Automatic setting and it behaved as per RDH's proposal. Thanks for pointing it out. So operator error on my part, this is indeed FIXED..
                  Last edited by FaultyClubs; 05-15-2016, 03:09 AM.

              • #15
                I have not received an update e-mail. Can someone post a link ?


                • Wamco
                  Wamco commented
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                  Can you send me the link also? Not seeing the email.

                • bodie1204
                  bodie1204 commented
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                  I never received a link either, can someone send my way?

                • ProTee United
                  ProTee United commented
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                  Just sent PM with link.