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Settings, let's talk about TGC Quality Settings!

This is a sticky topic.
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    I hope someone makes this a sticky. Very informative and very helpful - thank you.
    I'll try following some of this at the weekend and see if I can optimise my settings.


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      Thanks for sharing.

      I have a monster PC (Skylake, 32GB RAM, 1080Ti). Going to try and see how far I can go with it.


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        Cleaning up my files and thought I'd post some pictures showing typical differences between Object Detail 1 and 3.

        Below is Sawgrass hole #17. The first image is using OD1 and the second OD3 (everything else is on max).

        OD1 Click image for larger version

Name:	Annotated_Sawgrass17_TreeMax_OD1.jpg
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Size:	124.3 KB
ID:	81327

        OD3 Click image for larger version

Name:	Annotated_Sawgrass17_TreeMax_OD3.jpg
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Size:	124.7 KB
ID:	81328

        The images are while standing on the tee. I've highlighted areas of typical differences.

        With OD1 the building has less stuff on it (objects such as windows trim etc), the planted bushes to the left of the green are missing shadows, and various markers are missing.

        Another example would be the planted grass in TPC Boston hole #3. The first image is OD1 and the second is OD3.

        OD1 Click image for larger version

Name:	Boston3Flyby_TreeMax_OD1.JPG
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Size:	147.6 KB
ID:	81329

        OD3 Click image for larger version

Name:	Boston3Flyby_TreeMax_OD3.JPG
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Size:	153.1 KB
ID:	81330

        Note that as one moves closer the extra detail seen in OD3 becomes visible even in OD1. This means everyone gets a great picture as they get closer but it also creates the "popping in" side-effect I discussed in the original posts.
        Last edited by FaultyClubs; 10-17-2016, 01:11 AM. Reason: EDIT: I uploaded these at "fullsize" of 1920 but they seem to have been reduced. Oh well, hopefully you can still see the differences.


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          A quick note on stuttering.

          There are many possible causes for stuttering. It may be inherent in the game design itself, inherent in the graphics hardware, buggy drivers, overly ambitious user settings, too many or poorly behaved background processes/services, vsync (on or off) side-effects, and even Windows itself since it isn't a realtime operating system. Some you can affect, others you cannot. But if you experience stuttering with otherwise good frame rates it is worth checking these factors.

          At the very least, make sure you have the latest graphics drivers and avoid changing default settings without a thorough understanding of their impact.

          And check that programs being loaded at startup aren't the culprit. Nowadays it seems every program wants to insert itself into your Windows experience. Occasionally Windows becomes confused and tries to load the same program twice. Virus scanners, Windows updates, MS office, Shadowplay etc...all part of your "rich Windows experience" but not necessarily conducive to smooth play! If you are investigating the source for stuttering it is worth vetting all additional programs.

          Also understand the FPS you see with FRAPS, Shadowplay, Steam etc is a heavily averaged number. So if you've been adjusting your quality settings based on a minimum frame rate it may actually be temporarily dropping to a much lower number. If you suspect this is the case then reduce quality settings for a higher overall frame rate and see if that helps. Checking the actual frame times for each frame is always good practice if you know how.


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            Well done FC! It is also worth mentioning that certain courses are harder on the GPU than others. When you find one of these courses, dial back the trees a bit to keep your FPS up close to 60.


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              Wow.. great thread.. thanks for the info...


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                Bump & thanks


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                  Great post. Maybe I'm missing the very obvious, but where in TGC are these settings. Looked last night, and couldn't find them anywhere. I'm sure it's obvious once you find them, but I didn't see them in any of the option menus....


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                    Settings, display for settings or low, med, high at startup.


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                      Originally posted by mthunt
                      Settings, display for settings or low, med, high at startup.
                      Yeah. Found the low, med, high at startup. Couldn't find the tree count, water, object detail, vsync, etc. Will look again next time I'm over there.


                      • ProTee United
                        ProTee United commented
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                        SETTINGS->DISPLAY ... then SCROLL DOWN the options.

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                      its in the options after you start up TGC and get into the game


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                        Rrally cool faulty. I was able to make some adjustments and the game looks better. appreciate it..


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                          i need help!!!

                          i am about to chuck my computer out of the window (good thing it's in the basement).

                          i have a new gaming computer I had built. i was troubleshooting getting protee/TGC working, but it all connects and everything now.

                          i just started to adjust quality settings last night, i put the settings to what seems to work well for others on this thread:
                          OD 3
                          water quality max
                          tree count 1000
                          tree distance 300
                          anti-aliasing on
                          depth of field off
                          VSync on

                          but, everything is choppy and stutters. flyovers are slow and stuttering.

                          i thought the specs of my computer would be enough to handle these settings.
                          I have:
                          intel core i7-7700, 3.6 ghz
                          16 gb ram
                          GTX 1080
                          1 TB Harddrive
                          250 gb SSD

                          i'm looking at youtube videos of people doing flyovers are nice and smooth and quicker than mine. my geforce experience isn't allowing me to turn sharing on so i can't do the framerate overlay, so i don't know what my frame rate is, but based on my PC specs compared to some others, i thought it should be able to handle these settings.

                          any suggestions?

                          please help!


                          • inorkuo
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                            Get an adapter to convert from hdmi to vga. I think they run about $5.00.

                          • richdmb
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                            cool. thanks for the suggestion!

                          • richdmb
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                            So i found that if i go tondisplay setting and set to "extend" the screen, i can run TGC on my projector thru the graphics card while playing youtube videos and whatnot on my monitor connected to the regular integrated processor via vga cable. However, if i click on the monitor screen, then the full screen TGC on the projector will turn to windowed. Anyone know how to prevent that?

                            Also, i found, with my system, that i can max out the quality settings in tgc, like increase OD to 5 and up the tree settings and everything still runs smoothly! But i dont visually notice much difference. Part of that may be my 16:10 native projector tho. Should have went with a 1080p projector, dangit

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                          Did you install the latest NVidia Graphics card drivers from ?
                          TGC Tours:


                          • richdmb
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                            yes, i installed it last night through the geforce experience program

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                          Great stuff FaultyC! I was fiddeling round with the settings but didnt find any good setting for my computer. Now i will try this! Thanks!
                          I have a 1060 3GB card.