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Streaming TCG from PC to golf simulator room

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  • Streaming TCG from PC to golf simulator room

    Seeing if anyone has done this or knows of a way to do it....

    My main computer is in the study and acts as my main gaming rig with 290x in CF. I golf in the garage using skytrak with an older gaming laptop/projector which runs TCG okay in low settings. Seeing how there are streaming gaming devices out there such as Steam Link or Nvidia Shield that allow you to stream games on your PC to a television, has anyone successfully done this with their golf sim?

    While I love playing tcg a lot, I can't see myself buying a whole new computer just to sit in the garage. Since I have AMD and a Freesync monitor on my main computer, I am not eager to switch to a Nvidia card. Can TCG run on Steam Link without being in a steam library?

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    Have a stream link, but didn't trust it enough after spending this much money on my set up already, so I'm using HDMI Ethernet adapters with a 150 ft Ethernet cable to go from my inside PC out to my garage thru the basement/attic. I then control my computer with Mike80 's iPad app, which is a sticky on here.

    People have talked about steam link on here, so maybe they'll chime in... I know that route would have been a hell of a lot easier IF TGC runs as a non-steam game fine... I would try that first before getting the steam link. Good luck.


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      Yes I use Steam to stream the game from my gaming PC in the house, to my macbook pro laptop in the garage. I also did try using the Steam Link hardware, but found that things work better for some reason using steam in-home streaming between 2 computers. I could not figure out how to get steam-link to output in 1600x1200 which is what I use on my projector to fill my 4:3 screen. But when using in-home streaming to my laptop, I can easily set the laptop to output at any resolution to the projector.

      Since you already have a laptop in your garage, just install steam on both devices, enable in-home streaming, and play around with the options. The "Advanced Host Options" need to be setup on the computer that is actually running the game (the pc in your house). And the "Advanced Client Options" should be set on the laptop you are streaming to. I use "Balanced" quality, and find it 99% identical to actually running the game locally on my laptop.

      I had previously used a wireless HDMI transmitter, but found it would drop signal too often. The Steam streaming is more stable.

      You need to install the TGC interface as a non-steam game, after doing that it will show up in your steam library.


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        That is great to hear! Will play with the settings and see if going computer to computer versus plugging the steam link directly into the projector makes a difference for me.


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          Install my steam link and reinstalled The Golf Club on my main PC. Can't seem to get crossfire to work with steam link, but not a big deal since FPS at 60 already on high settings with just 1 R9 290 running. To get Steam link to work having a wired connection is key.

          I pretty much did it via powerline adapters and got a little lucky too. My first attempt at setting everything up yesterday was a disaster. My initial LAN speed with the powerline adapter was awful. Powerline adapters are highly dependent on how your house is wired. Powerlines will generally play nice with electric plugs on the same column of the circuit breaker. For me I thought I was SOL since my study is on the left side and the garage is on the right side. I decided to individually try all the plugs via before waiving the white flag and there was 1 plug that gave me great speeds which ended up sharing a wall with my laundry room. I'm guessing that electric socket is actually on the laundry circuit breaker since my study and laundry room are both on the left side.

          Such a huge difference in picture quality and frame rate from my older laptop. Definitely worth the $40 upgrade.

          I ended up plugging my steam link directly into my projector since I didn't run into any resolution issues.