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Adding Railway Lines

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  • Adding Railway Lines

    Anyone know if it's possible to add railway lines in TGC2019 Designer?

    I'm sure I've seen railway lines on some of the published courses but can't for the life of me find out how to add these via Create Surfact or Create Object menus...

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    Guys probably build them out of fences or telephone poles, the maniacs.


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      Thanks Chad,

      that's what I assumed too but wanted to check I wasn't missing an easier way before giving that a go.

      (would have been typical of me to spend days crafting some dodgy railway track made out of bits of old stick then later on someone tells me 'you just select this...')

      seems like quite an obvious thing not to have though when we have yachts and farm animals...



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        Fences, walls, ect. Bury them.
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          Hard to believe they don’t have farm silos


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            We got the big "shed" update a while back. Maybe the collaboration with farm simulator 2019 is coming soon.


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              Thanks mthunt


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                Was looking to add flags but couldn't see a creative way to do it. Any ideas. Spent last night looking at sail boats to shrink them and partially burying them but nothing seem to fit.


                • ChadGolf
                  ChadGolf commented
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                  I put fence segments up onto telephone poles.... lol

                • Jtangm04
                  Jtangm04 commented
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                  Tried experimenting with light posts and ad board signs.

                  It kinda works but in the end just scrapped the idea.

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                Ugh been trying to do the railway lines with the iron railed fences and walls for sleepers - looks good for one small section but an absolute bloody nightmare doing it for long sections across different elevations. Like water all over again!

                Who needs a railway anyway. So what if the golf club has a railway! lol


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                  Very easy really you select low brick wall and just connect them together then use steps as the railway sleepers.(a lot easier now with the connect button) Not perfect but does the job just need your land to be flat really.

                  Click image for larger version

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                  • Jtangm04
                    Jtangm04 commented
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                    How do you space the steps so evenly

                  • Yeltzman
                    Yeltzman commented
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                    If you use the low brick walls they just give you a little space to place them,just randomly went along and placed them down.For same effect for the rails you could use one of the bridges they connect just as easy