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    I can't get my edit tools to work in tgc 2019 design. When I try to flatten a tee box it won't do anything. It won't let me remove any trees. Maybe
    I don't know what keys to use, I'm on a PC and it's a Lidar course. When I try to place anything i can see it and move it but i can't place it.
    Also when i try to remove a tree with brush i can't remove it.
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    Hi dose anyone have a list of keyboard keys you use when designing a course with mouse and keyboard. Thank you for your help.


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      In order to remove trees it is important to know if the tree was placed there by you or by the program. If it was placed there by the program, it is a 'generated tree' and you would go to land sculpting and down around 4 or 5 is remove generated trees or remove generated objects. Use the circle brush and click right at the base of the tree where it hits the ground. If it is a 'placed' tree, you will need to select. I would suggest orienting your camera to 'bombsite' view ie straight down at the ground. Move the cursor over the tree until it's highlighted and then on the editing list you will see something like '6-birch tree'. Leave the cursor where it is and hit 6 or whatever number it says. Then you can change, move or delete.