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Help request: No mask file generated

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  • Help request: No mask file generated


    Thanks everyone for all the valuable help and insight. I've lurked for years here ๐Ÿ™‚. Finally trying my own course, I've gotten as far as running chadstool and it tells me the heightmap and mask.png have been created, but there is no mask file in my selected folder. I've actually tried this on two computers now too and in a variety of folders and still no mask.

    Someone on another forum was getting the same error and posted this: "I found the issue, don't use any special character in the folder path, mine contains a "รจ"...and the whole process crashes, including when generating course from lidar and osm"

    But I don't think I have any special characters?

    I've attached the error code but don't know what any of that means. Thanks!
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    Looks like a file permission problem. Chad's tool is somehow unable to access the file in C:\Users\Alisha\Documents\...urse\unpacked\thumbna il\thumbnail.jpg (the full file path is cut off in the picture).

    You could try creating a new folder outside the C:\Users\... tree (for example C:\golf_recreations\<your-course-name>), copy your lidar and blank course files there, and run Chad's tool on that folder.


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      S0707 thanks! Worked like a charm. I tried other folders but they were all in the users path. Went right off the C: and it worked. May the karma Gods some you some good fortune on my behalf!