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NOAA Lidar convert from .TIFF to .LAS?

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  • Wonko
    started a topic NOAA Lidar convert from .TIFF to .LAS?

    NOAA Lidar convert from .TIFF to .LAS?

    Hi all,
    I'd like to try my hand at designing my new home course (The Haven Country Club at 369 Cross Street in Boylston, MA). I've done OSM and I found lidar on NOAA (not on TNM). I requested the lidar, but what they sent me was a .TIFF file and the .XML file. Does anyone know how to convert the .TIff to a file that will work with Chad's tool?
    Conversely, it gave me an option for a bulk download, but there's like 40 different .LAS files. Any way to know which one(s) to download? Thanks!