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Comprehensive Real Course List

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  • Comprehensive Real Course List

    I am attempting to create a comprehensive real course list. Thanks to those who have developed lists on the golf simulator forum, the golf club forum and TGC Tours forum I used them as a starting point. I have created the list in an excel file that is attached. I am asking for input from all players to help audit the accuracy and add all RCR's available. As we know TGC doesn't have the best course search feature. I looked up every course and added the yardages available. I also used the website top 100 golf courses to get the rankings as they rank thousands of courses, so you are not limited to the top 100 lists. I am planning on updating weekly or so, based on new information I receive.

    I am asking that any new courses be submitted with the following information:
    Real Course Name:
    Game Course Name:
    Lidar Y/N:
    Yardages for all tees:

    Also any suggestions would be appreciated.


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    Doesn't your list duplicate wbond's list? My suggestion would be for you guys to get together and consolidate into a single list. Making it publicly editable would avoid duplication of effort. Nice to have it pinned as a sticky.

    I just played Bethpage Black. You have a lidar version by mthunt called "Bethpage Black 19 PGA". But it doesn't actually exist in TGC! Also you have a non-lidar version by Aces called "Bethpage Black-Pga19" which does exist but seems like a lidar based course to me. I also notice two other handicap rated versions listed in TGC that you don't have...I never tried them so maybe they aren't worthy RCRs (I have no idea).

    You have quite a few RCRs listed which is cool. Surprised how few are on the worlds top 100 list (unless you haven't finished updating that section).

    Personally I'd like a user rating column separately scoring accuracy and aesthetics. Lidar is becoming the new "autogen". It would be nice to know who goes beyond importing lidar to make a truly great and memorable rendition.
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    • rodgers12
      rodgers12 commented
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      Yes much of this duplicates wbond and many of the other lists, but they all lack detail. I did this to try to bring them all together in one list. His list is showing mostly Lidar courses, which I agree are starting to become the new auto gen. Played the first hole of one of them last night and had trees in bunkers and on the cart path. Only played one hole and moved on.
      Bethpage Black 19 PGA is on the list from wbond? So there is the disconnect. I couldn't find it either that is why I have it checked incomplete. The Aces version I don't believe is Lidar, but could be wrong. I saw the others as well, but don't want to add just random courses that may or may not even be designed to be RCR. That is why I am asking for help from the console guys as well.
      I am not a fan of the rating column personally, as everyone has different opinions. Accuracy (or at least a solid attempt) at accuracy I care about. If a course doesn't at least achieve that I will remove them, instead of just being poorly done. At least Lidar courses that are not done well should have an attempt for accuracy.
      The course top 100 list is complete and I think it shows a general issue with the course design community. I see people building their home course with Lidar which is fine as a start, but then they build 5 other courses in the same area. We definitely have a void in top courses being created, we also have a big void on great courses outside of USA/Canada.

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    I like your formatting and detail - it’s probably the most organized I’ve ever seen, but as stated earlier this is already a duplicate of wbond (and a few others before him) work.

    The main problem is that you’re a single point of failure in the system and the list is going to diverge. You won’t be able to edit this post in the future, so your attachment is now permanent and will be all people look at. You’ve also posted to multiple forums, so they may end up having different attachments in the future for whatever reason.

    Another problem is that many people don’t have Excel anymore, I don’t and had to install a program (LibreOffice) just to even look at the list.

    Maybe we can make a method to consolidate these lists in some way. Google drive is one way but then you just end up with multiple lists like we always do.

    htdumps do you know enough about websites to make one for submitting courses? Maybe a website that just displays courses on a map tied back to a Google Doc as its cheapie database. I am stretched too thin to pull this off, but there’s always been interest in documenting courses.

    Thanks for the list, if none of this sounds important, you do you and keep updating and publishing your list. Thanks again for it.


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      ChadGolf- Thanks for the suggestions. I understand that some people don't like or have excel, but free viewers are simple to download. I created my list as a consolidation of the many lists out there and hope that it can develop into something more if someone wants to start to move to a new level. I have been frustrated with the lack of detail from the other lists.

      I didn't know that I can't just update the attachment on my first post, that was my thought. I agree that something like google drive would make sense and I like the idea of submitting courses that you suggested. I was/am hoping they can be posted in the thread for ease, along with other changes.

      Also, I posted to the other forum because it is where the main designers work out of. I already received responses from 3 of the top designers with some small changes to their courses. That is exactly my intention on how to make the list better. My plan was to update the attachment on all forums at the same time.
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        Can you bring this to a website instead. I love what you’re doing but until it’s on a website it won’t get a common foothold. Everything you have is spot on, your ideas and implementation is great but a lot of people just aren’t cool with Excel and free viewers. You open to partnering with a web guy if we can find one?


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          Thanks, absolutely open to a website version. I just don't want the general public able to change things. I would want it limited to a few. If anyone wants to take on getting it onto a website that would be great.


          • Putt-For-Doe
            Putt-For-Doe commented
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            Well done I love your list. My favorite part is the Tee Box Yardages. I will speak to my brother in law and see if he will build a website for the commynity. I would like to get involved in the Sim community. I have had my sim for about 2 months now.

            On a different topic
            I see alot of courses only have the Championship Tees. Can you just go in openstreetmaps and add the other tee boxes to someone elses already complete work and then just republish.

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          A website with a small editorial board sounds great. Rodgers can be the editor-in-chief! Seems to have the skills. The website could also highlight things like top 100 in the world, PGA or LPGA courses currently done or needing doing. Maybe form a clearing house for designers to keep track of who's working on what etc. Lots of potential.


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            Faulty, some great ideas. I like the idea of having the top 100 lists (US and World) with a check mark for what has been done and also if people are working on them. I could definitely help work on it if someone wants to walk through the logistics of setting up a user friendly version.


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              Is the Arcadia Bluffs listed only published on the sim server? I've searched for it several times in the game over the past few weeks and have never been able to find it.

              Edit: Same question for Orchard Lake.
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              • Solstice72
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                He didn't finish it, it sits in Alpha for almost 3 months now. I'd like someone to do it. He used lidar he said. But I noticed the elevation changes really were not as inspiring as the original the golf club. He seems to just not be in a position to deal with that right now maybe you could take that on that course and help it reflect some of the awesome geography of the original TGC1. Even if embellishing a little , the color palette was better in TGC one also. Can't recall the exact name right now

              • Solstice72
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                It's like AB with alpha in the name

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              Orchard Lake is on the sim server as OLCC Alpha (LIDAR) and OLCC Beta (LIDAR). There are no duplicates. Designer name is listed as Randy so presumably it is published only on the sim side. It's basically done, thread discussing here:

              Arcadia Bluffs is on the sim server as AB2 Alpha. No duplicates and the designer name is listed as Badeddiekit. So as above, assume it is only on the sim side. Doesn't look finished.


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                Originally posted by FaultyClubs View Post
                Orchard Lake is on the sim server as OLCC Alpha (LIDAR) and OLCC Beta (LIDAR). There are no duplicates. Designer name is listed as Randy so presumably it is published only on the sim side. It's basically done, thread discussing here:

                Arcadia Bluffs is on the sim server as AB2 Alpha. No duplicates and the designer name is listed as Badeddiekit. So as above, assume it is only on the sim side. Doesn't look finished.
                I'm guessing since us PC players can send over files to be published on the sim server, would it be possible to send sim course files over to PC players to be published in the game? I know all courses published in the game eventually will reach the sim servers when they are synced, but I'm pretty sure if a course is only published on the sim server it will never be available in the PC/console game.

                A number of people are interested in the Arcadia course, and I'm personally interested in Orchard Lake, so just trying to see if there is any way to get those added.


                • Jwheels9876
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                  It's absolutley possible. Now, it seems the steam version is syncing in real time with the sim server so we don't have to ask for files to get to play all you PC guys courses because they're uploading when you publish them.

                  But if we publish on the sim side, they'll never reach the PC or console versions. Some of these guys I'm guessing may not have the PC version of the game and just design on the sim version and then publish.

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                Acadia has stalled at alpha. Any of you guys up for doing it?


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                  rodgers12 Since TGCTOURS already has a solid list on their website, wouldn’t it be easier to talk to them about adding additional fields and asking them to help with the admin? Just a thought. Seems like a win for everyone?


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                  Are there any updates to this list? Still the best I've seen and super useful even if some of the grander website ideas never happen!


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                    Are The Bluffs of Montauk an RCR?