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Birchwood UK LIDAR

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  • Birchwood UK LIDAR

    Hi All,
    Well my first course is finally completed!!

    A little bit of history as this is my home course that I play usually once or twice per week at least

    The club was built in late 1979 as part of the development of the area and it separates the two main local motorways from nearby residential houses. As such, we are currently celebrating our anniversary 40th year and what better way to celebrate than to have the course available to play on XBox, PS4, PC and simulators

    The course itself was designed by TJA McAuley (chairman of the British Institute of Golf Architects from 1988 to 1991 and responsible for the design of several courses around Europe) and each hole was named after a passage from 'The Pilgrims Progress' by John Bunyan so we tee of on the 1st hole which is named 'The Slough of Despond'!!! and end up on 'Deliverance' which is the 18th

    It is a tricky parkland course with water in play on 14 holes and it is relatively long by non video game standards at 6,600 yards with 3 par 4's of at least 460 yards from the back tees. It has one of the toughest finishing stretches of holes in the area (from 14 to 17) and it is regarded by many as a very tough course to play well as it tests every single part of your game. The course was home to Phil Archer who qualified for the US Open in 2006 and 2008 and also should have been the 1st European to shoot a 59 but he missed his birdie putt on the 18th hole in the 2006 Welsh Open at Celtic Manor.

    The current course record is a 66 and my best ever round IRL is a 75.

    To play it truly authentically then on the par 5 11th hole you are not allowed to go for the green in 2 shots as that is a local rule to protect the housing on the right hand side of the hole from the dreaded right handers slice!

    I've used ChadGolf LIDAR import tool to create the terrain but then I have literally planted each tree and object by hand combined with hundreds of photographs and extensive use of google maps to get everything in the right place and orientation and I'm pretty pleased with the outcome. I've shown it to a few members from the club and they all say it is very realistic.

    There are 4 sets of tees to play from so if you fancy a really low score then pick the red tees and see how many birdies and eagles you can get! If you fancy a bit more of a challenge then go from the black tees and pick pin set no. 3 as those are pretty much the pins that are used for the club championships

    I would love to be able to expand the off course areas some more, however I have hit the object limit in the designer and so I will have to go with what I've got

    I would love for some feedback as this is my first course and my first use of the designer at all.

    And if anyone is ever in the North West of the UK and fancies a game around the course in real life then I'll be happy to show anyone around.


    Finally some screenshots...

    The 3rd and 14th holes that run parallel to each other and this is where you encounter the first of Birchwoods notoriously placed ditches crossing the fairways

    The par 3 7th hole which is the easiest hole on the course at just 140yds

    Approach to the 8th green which is a tricky par 5 with some very awkward tree positioning for your 2nd shot

    The 11th green as viewed from the 12th tee box

    A view of the back to back 460yd par 4's of 15 and 16

    What should hopefully be the view of your final approach shot to the gentle par 5 finishing hole

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    Had a round on this course yesterday, really enjoyed it. Not a course you can just grab the driver and give it a whack, some very cleverly designed holes which make you think about your tee shots. Thanks for sharing it with us all.


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      Looks really well done.


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        Will check out


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          Will add to wizard of Coz Noonan society event.


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            Thanks for the comments.
            Having played this with my Skytrak one thing I would recommend for simulator play is to change the greens to a slower speed than the default setting to give a more realistic experience.



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              Ok ive been trying to mimic the tgc2019 society tour. Lately slow firm greens


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                Course looks beautiful! Cannot wait to give it a try.


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                  AndyF , just played the front nine tonight. Great course. I will play the back nine tomorrow.


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                    AndyF I've never played a course IRL that I've played on simulator, so this offers a great chance to do so as it's only an hour or so away from me. Thanks for creating this.


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                      V8burble If you fancy a round then just let me know and I can get you a reduced rate with a member. IIRC it's £14.50 with a member from October until March/April.

                      Although you won't get anywhere near as much run at the moment with the weather we've had and the greens will be a lot slower too



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                        AndyF , Just finished. Great course. You can tell you put a lot of work into this one.


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                          Thank you Fantastish
                          I really wasn't expecting such good comments from people given that it was my first course but I guess being my home course I was very OCD about it all and I spent a lot of time trying to get it to be authentic and play well.

                          It gives me a lot of motivation to get on with my next course now which is Wallasey Golf Club, a links course where the Stableford version of golf was invented by a member who was fed up of losing balls in a medal round.



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                            Ok your in. If fantastish gives it thumbs up it's done.


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                              Thank you and I hope you all enjoy!!! It's a tough course IRL and on the simulator.

                              Edited to add that pin set 1, 2 and 4 aren't too bad but pin set 3 are effectively the club championship pins and are pretty tough

                              Last edited by AndyF; 10-03-2019, 02:43 PM.