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WIP - The Pebble Beach of the UK - Thurlestone Golf Club (LIDAR)

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  • WIP - The Pebble Beach of the UK - Thurlestone Golf Club (LIDAR)

    Thurlestone has been described by the legendary British commentator Peter Alliss as the UK's equivalent of Pebble Beach.

    I was fortunate enough to be able to play this course about a month ago on a trip down to Devon and it didn't disappoint with some breathtaking views.

    Hopefully I can do it justice.

    Here is an overview after the LIDAR import with just a bit of work on the coastline

    And here is the 1st hole that is in progress at the moment


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    Very nice! can't wait to play it.


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      I am a newbie. Can someone tell me what Lidor is?


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        Sorry Lidar


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          It stands for Light Detection And Ranging and is a method of obtaining accurate elevation data by bouncing lasers from an aeroplane onto the ground and interpreting the returned signals.

          In terms of TGC then a member from this forum ChadGolf has made a program that allows the importing of LIDAR data into the game designer so that the course layout and elevations will be all very accurate. This allows real course recreations to be made without spending hours and hours trying to manually sculpt the terrain to match the real life course.



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            Looks awesome. Given your past work, I'm sure it's going be a great track.


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              Awesome, excited about this.