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First Lidar course test "Puslinch Lake G.C.-Test"

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  • First Lidar course test "Puslinch Lake G.C.-Test"

    So I'm close to finished my first Lidar course,I'm pretty happy with it.

    It is a simple local course, not a big challenge, just looking for any feedback. If you go long on hole 4 in real life you'll never find your ball, should I add OB? 17 used to have 2 bunkers behind the green but they took them out, might add them in( opinions?). The right side of 18, at the corner,in the trees should be OB but I still want it to be fun, YES that tree should be there.

    Ladies(Red) and Mens(White) tees , 3 pin locations(3 is "hardest"), have fun!. The name is "Puslinch Lake G.C.-Test".

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    Is this the puslinch in Cambridge Ontario?


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      Yes, well as close as I have gotten. Have 5 other courses from around the area I'll be working on.


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        I had a quick playtest on the Steam version. Looks like a nice friendly course. Your cart paths don't really go all the way around the course, but I assume that is the way they are IRL?

        On hole 12, you should place a layer of heavy rough around the lady's tee box.

        Other than that, I didn't really notice anything that stood out and needing dramatic changes.

        For adding bunkers on #17, if this is your course and you'll be playing it regularly (and playing the sim for practice), I would make it as accurate to RL as possible.

        On OB, I would add OB if it really is OB on the course, or, if it is somewhere that it going to be impossible to get out of and people will end up losing a lot more strokes just trying to recover.

        Finally, be sure to playtest all 4 pin positions on every hole. Most guys here will likely only playtest pin position #1 but you want to make sure that all are in good positions. I created test courses before and realized in a couple of cases that I either forgot to create one of the pins (resulting in a hole that played 1,2000 yards long, haha) or put it right on a slope that made it impossible.

        One last piece of advice I would give, try not to use the actual name of the course if you are going to create a test of beta version. I learned that the hard way myself and always get disappointed when I see V2 or something like that on one of my courses. Also, be sure to put (L) in the name to indicate LiDAR.

        Well done.


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          AU84 commented
          Editing a comment
          Paths do not go all the way around. I've only played a few courses where it does.

          I'll add the rough on 12 and the OB to those areas. I play on Xbox(Mostly) and PC(Steam) no simulator(One day), I just really like the idea of putting courses in to play.

          As for the bunkers, I have not played there since last summer and I don't remember them having bunkers behind 17, checking goole maps they are gone but has the new bunker on the fairway of 7 which wasn't on google earth or OSM. I'll go with maps version for that.

          I did a play test for 3 pins positions, I'm not sure why there are 4 pin positions, I only put and see 3 in the editor even though it says 4, I'll double check that.I'll keep an eye out for that on the next course.

          I'll remember the name things in the future, naming for testing and the L for Lidar.

          Thanks for the advice.