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Search "Augusta" or "Magnolia" doesnt work anymore ?

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  • Search "Augusta" or "Magnolia" doesnt work anymore ?

    Hi all,
    I have a problem for few days when I search for Augusta or Magnolia in TGC 2019. There is almost no result or result with courses name tagged like : "************" as the name of the course. I mean I see only this * caracter ...

    Am I the onl one ? Do you guys can search this course without any trouble ?

    Thank you.

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    Im getting this too. First time Ive searched for it in a while and first time on a new installation so I was thinking maybe it was something up with that. Or the almighty powers at Augusta National got it shut down.


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      Just read this on HB forum :

      Apparently ANGC has contacted HB and told them to remove any reference of Magnolia or any other words they own in any course name...

      I still can play one version by "My played" on TGC2019 but I cant reach the good Lidar version. Any tips or we have to forget this course on TGC 2019 ?
      ProTee United any info please ?


      • PROTEE UK
        PROTEE UK commented
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        Can they really own the word Magnolia, Amen???? such a shame as it does not really harm them.

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      Interesting. I was just thinking about this a couple weeks ago. I predict there will be more courses ( with deep deep pockets)following suit. I’d guess they can’t do much about the lidar data being used and only be able to block the name being published.


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        There may be one called "Tiger Woods is Back" but haven't looked yet. Not sure if that's the LIDAR one.


        • #6
          I think that Tiger Woods one is a joke.

          I don't think they can file suit on using geographical data. and call it something completely different than anything related to Augusta should cover it.

          this is a democracy issue now, those snobby elitist bastards


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            So are the courses still there or have they been removed from the server? Do we need to contact the person who created them and have it called something else? In my lidar tracking file it was ANGC Lidar Super Beta by theclv24. Then there was also Augusta National 2019 by Craig118 which was non lidar and Augusta 19 pins but not sure on the designer for that one.


            • #8
              Based on what I read on HB forums if u have it saved under favorites it is still playable but the name will show with asterisks. I will check later


              • #9
                Will have to do pig Latin naming scheme if this becomes a common trend


                • #10
                  No one knows what happened and no one at HB will say but the courses are still there. You just can’t search for them. Magnolia National is now called ********* national but a search for national won’t bring it up. If you ever played it it’ll be in your previously played list.


                  • glockguy56
                    glockguy56 commented
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                    Can you search the course creator to find them? Is the par three course still able to be found?

                  • mthunt
                    mthunt commented
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                    No. The courses are no longer linked to CLV.

                • #11
                  They are super serious about everything associated with their brand - I would not be surprised if they somehow copyright the actual course details making it a legal issue to have replicas in the sim world. I really hope that the course files don't leak to the forum before that happens.


                  • Wizard of Coz
                    Wizard of Coz commented
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                    Thanks for the love last night! Muah

                  • ChadGolf
                    ChadGolf commented
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                    Then we can mirror it and put it into the Winter "Snow" theme, lol.

                • #12
                  so does this mean if you haven't played it yet it will be hard to find or play? if it's not in previously played file?


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                    Is it possible for someone who played all the well designed Augusta courses to create a society, tournament or something like that and share it with the community ? In this way we could get it back in play if we didnt before. Just asking, dont know if this kind of option is doable.


                    • #14
                      I think it'll be in friends played as well.


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                        They are super serious people. Based on how Ed O'Bannon won his case they might have a case for proprietary "likenesses" using the exact lidar data. Regardless, full steam ahead, there'll just will be an underground railroad of constant Augustas popping up with different names. The first one out should be titled "The People's Republic of Augusta" 😏