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Handicap hasn’t changed after 1st five rounds?

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  • Handicap hasn’t changed after 1st five rounds?

    Hey guys,

    This is not a big deal to me but I noticed my “handicap” hasn’t changed after my first 5 rounds. Has anyone ever ran into this? I play pretty much the same rotation of tracks I like, all HDCP rated.

    The handicap index it shows in the top right corner of the screen is 4 strokes worse than what my handicap history shows.

    I just happened to notice it tonight. Like I said, it doesn’t matter one bit to me. Its actually fine with me because my buddies won’t get as many strokes lol. I was just curious if anyone knew why?


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    Changes every Tuesday I believe. Check back tomorrow and you should be good. If you're talking about the tournament stuff.

    the in game cap who knows lol


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      Yeah, I haven’t got into the competition side of TGC yet. I’m just talking about from playing rounds on my own. It was cruising right along and changing as I played. Then it just stopped. Was just curious as to why.

      BTW, how would I go about getting into doing some of the online tour stuff or whatever? Not sure how that works.



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        Join the protee society and the wizard of coz society , those give you points and stuff


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          Think op is talking about the in game handicap. That's not related to tournament play - it's a hangover from the computer game version I believe?