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YouTube TV Overlay on top of TGC2019

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  • YouTube TV Overlay on top of TGC2019

    -Found a Chrome Extension that allows you to resize video and overlay it on top of TGC2019. This allows TV to be playing ontop of TGC 2019 at the same time!

    Like many of you, I've cut the cord and get my TV through internet now. I have YouTubeTV and was wanting to figure out a way to have it on while playing TGC 2019. Through some research I found a Chrome Extension that allows for you to resize the video and have it overlaid on top of the other open windows. I got all excited and hot and bothered but could never make it work for YouTube TV for some reason. Come to find out, Google disabled PIP in YouTubeTV for privacy and security concerns. BUT, there is a way around it and can be found here ( I pasted the pertinent content below.:
    1. Download [Feature Policy Tester DevTools Extension (By Google)](
    2. Download [Picture-in-Picture Extension (By Google)](
    3. Complete the following steps on each visit until somebody creates an extension that persists choices
    4. Visit
    5. Open DevTools (right click -> inspect, ctrl+shift+j, etc)
    6. Select Feature Policy tab
    7. Check persist checkbox on the left side
    8. Check picture-in-picture policy on the right side
    9. Close DevTools and start PiP by clicking the PiP extension icon or press alt+p to start

    So, the end result is the pic below! Live TV that can be resized and repositioned on top of TGC2019 (and likely other softwares as well). Hadn't seen this on here so wanted to share the strategy. Hope it helps someone else out there. This can be used for any network TV provider as long as you can access the TV through a browser (ie Netflix, Hulu, etc.).


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    Thanks, will use this for sure.


    • JakeGeezy
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      No problem! It's a perfect solution.

      Yesterday I was watching Tiger/Bob May PGA Battle at Valhalla while playing the same holes at the same time on TGC2019. It made the golf on TV so much more real and showed the course better, ajdt just how good those guys are. Highly recommend it and will prob do something similar for live golf when it returns. It adds a whole new dimension to the broadcast.

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    Thanks to JakeGeezy for pointing this out! I installed the Google Chrome Picture-in-Picture extension and boom! Monday Night Football overlayed on E6 Connect! Love it!


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      OnTopReplica does the same thing but with ANY window.


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        Love this! I always wanted to watch something at the same time as playing but didnt want to put a secondary display in for it. I'll give it a whirl.


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          Oh my. Thanks for finding this.
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            Is this only YouTube or can I watch espn online or DirectTV online and resize?


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              Noob20 you should be able to watch any video. I was NFL with DAZN and it works as well as my TV provider app. Yes, you can resize image and place anywhere in the viewable area


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                JayJo13 Thanks. That’s with the Chrome extension? Not the OnTopReplica software?


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                  That's correct


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                    JayJo13 can't seem to get the Sunday Ticket app to go PIP> As an aside, for some reason I'm unable to log into the DirecTV website to stream either, thinking that would solve my problem. I'll investigate and report back.


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                      I am trying to download and install OnTopReplica from GitHub. As a computer novice, I can't find the .exe file or other instructions. Can anyone provide a location to find step by step instructions for downloading, installing and setting up/using OTR?



                      • Noob20
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                        Update, figured it out! Thanks.

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                      Sorry to beat a dead horse, just wondering if anyone is using OTR the way I am. I am using it to watch the DirecTV viewer in PIP. However, while I can get it up and running in OTR, when I tab back over to TGC, the picture always freezes. I'm not sure if this is a common occurrence? Or is it because my laptop is using the Intel video card instead of the NVIDIA card, or if my computer simply can't handle running both? I have 16GB of RAM and an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 8GB GDDR6 with Max-Q Design. Other specs include a 1TB SSD, and 9th Generation Intel Core i7-9750H (6-Core, 12MB Cache, up to 4.5GHz w/ Turbo Boost).

                      Any advice/suggestions?