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Difficulty finding courses on TGC 2019

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  • Difficulty finding courses on TGC 2019

    I'm new to TGC and having a difficult time finding various courses. Is there a way to search the data base? Or am I missing something?

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    Go to Local Match - Select Change Course - this will bring you to a window that allows you to choose between a few official courses or give you an option to continue playing (a course you have already started), Play again, look for HB Official Courses, or those that are trending now. At the bottom, you can choose More Filters, and that will give you a variety of other options. Choose search in the top right-hand corner and you can search for keywords of course.


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      Thanks. As I tell my kids, I'm an analog man trapped in a digital world.


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        It's not your fault. Some of the UX (user experience) / navigation decisions are very questionnable.


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          Try this database.
          There are a few other databases that I will try to link later.


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            This database has descriptions and some screen captures from the courses plus the yardage of courses which is helpful.

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