TGC Tour - Congratulations!

Congrats to @Todd Morgan (NET) and @Joe_S (GROSS) winning the TGC1 2020 FALL TOUR - The RSM Classic !

Join this weeks TGC1 2020 FALL TOUR - Mayakoba Golf Classic. We are playing 2 rounds at Quarry Ridge Protee Pin 1:
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Course difficulty/ handicap

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  • Course difficulty/ handicap

    There are 4 course difficulty levels, Easy, Medium, Hard and Hardest. Anybody know how they are rated? What is it based on? I played a course called Club Belvedere off around 6,800 yards and played Augusta off around 6,400 (members tees) They were both listed as 'Hardest' but the 3 of us that played it agreed that Club Belvedere was much harder (and it showed in our scores). I'm interested because we have given ourselves a separate handicap for sim Golf to outdoors golf and we want to adjust based on difficulty of the course we play but we obviously don't really know the difficulty until we've played it. Thanks