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Bobby G Curtis Memorial Tournament, 09/21 - 11/01/21

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  • Bobby G Curtis Memorial Tournament, 09/21 - 11/01/21

    The TGC community lost a real one this past month with the passing of Bobby G Curtis, aka BGCurtis2nd . Bobby posted frequently on these forums giving advice on simulator builds, and was especially known for the stories he shared in Discord. His grandson joined the Discord to let us know of his passing on August 18th.

    In addition to this weeks ProTee event being held to honor Bobby, I am also hosting a 1-off tournament in his name. I have commissioned the creation of a physical trophy that will be mailed to the winner. It is currently in production and I look forward to sharing pictures of it soon, hopefully before the beginning of the tournament.

    The tournament will take place in the society "Bobby G Curtis Memorial", which I have just created. Although this tournament is only one event, the society's schedule runs the same event for 6 consecutive weeks between 09/21/21 and 11/01/21. This is just to give people plenty of time to participate in the tournament without interfering with other leagues (and TGC does not support events longer than 7 days). YOU ARE ONLY EXPECTED TO PLAY THE EVENT FOR ONE WEEK, DUPLICATE ENTRIES WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED. I will search through all 6 weeks for the low score (gross) at the conclusion of the schedule, so please do not play multiple times and clutter things up.

    The 36-hole event (9 hole course played 4 times) is being played under standard ProTee Society rules (6ft gimmes, no rewinds, etc) on "Piedmont Cayon Club MO LIDAR". Why Piedmont?

    1) This is the last course of five that Bobby created in TGC. None of his creations are particularly well refined by tournament standards, but this one seems to be the most playable and has a few.... interesting dog legs.
    2) It should play very easy. I expect a clustered leaderboard that should give a non-Canadian () a chance to win. In the semi-likely event of a tie we will do some type of playoff until there is a winner.
    3) Bobby played this course multiple times and has several ghosts available for you to play with should you choose to do so.

    I am hoping that by giving a two week lead time and six weeks to play the event, that everyone interested will be able to get this on their radar and participate. Please share this information with anybody you think would be interested, especially those who might go MIA during the simulator off-season. And stay tuned for pictures of the hardware!
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    Real nice of you to do something like this


    • Wizard of Coz
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      Yes kudos to Celeras. In remembrance of BGcurtis.

      Even played live with Curtis and Trickle once in discord. Good times.

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    Very cool of you to set this up.

    I also played a few rounds with BGcurtis in discord what a great person to play golf with.


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      Yes, i bought my first launch monitor (gc2/hmt, FSX2018) from BGcurtis back in 2019. Play a few live rounds with Bob and woodman and wiz last winter also. Bob was a very upfront person and wasn't scared to voice his opinions on the discord channels. We would talk aviation/golf/politics etc... throughout the rounds and just general bull shitting also. He just loved the game of golf and loved the indoor simulator tinkering also, and upgraded to a Uneekor so he could have family and friends over to play both left and right handed to play easily. He was very proud of this Missouri upbringing and loved his rural Missouri properties and talked about his woods and creeks/river that passed though it. I wished i could have met him personally, as he was clearly a strong character and it would have been a lot of fun hanging out with and tipping a few talking about golf and flying and hearing his stories and experiences. His expressions and his strong southern accent made me laugh a lot and made the time very enjoyable for me. Again, i never met him personally, just through here and the discord channels, but i will truly miss connecting with him on discord and playing live rounds on the sim with that strong southern charm!


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        Alright dudes, unfortunately it is looking like I won't have the trophy in my possession before the tournament starts (I am going away this coming week so delivery won't be until after I get home). Rather than let the tournament start in darkness I decided to share a design document to give you all a taste.

        I wanted the trophy to be recognizable, so when coming up with the design I decided to focus on a few details that were unique to Bobby. The finished product will be 3D printed and 8-10 inches tall, so it was important to pick things significant enough that they wouldn't get washed out by the limits of the technology. Things like a photorealistic face would never happen at that size.. no matter what you design it will just end up as a guy. With that in mind, this is what I came up with:

        1) His simulator screen. If you ever asked for help on these forums, there's a good chance you got a reply from Bobby along with pictures of his setup. I must have saw the same picture a dozen times when doing searches for my own research, and that uniquely shaped roof always stood out to me. Didn't even need to see who posted, that was Bobby's room.

        2) The sign he had hanging in the entryway. You can see it here: I think he made it himself and thought it was a nice touch to add.

        3) His hat! Did Bobby ever stream once without wearing the red Hogan? Answer: no.

        Put it all together, and here is the general scene. Try to ignore what a bounceback hazard that sign placement would be

        Click image for larger version

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        Looking forward to sharing the finished product when I have it in hand.


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          Celeras - just perfect! Thanks for that… really well done trophy design too.