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Why no practise capability or data logging?

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  • Why no practise capability or data logging?

    I recently bought TGC2019 having used JNPG for a few years and I am shocked at how incomplete this feels compared to JNPG.

    The course designer is significantly easier to use so that is a plus.

    There is no practise capability, I cannot place a ball somewhere on a course and practise from that spot. I have to play to that spot and then use auto rewind which is a bodge at best. Why is this the case given the cost of TGC? Why is their not a practise mode for this purpose?

    Data is not logged, why?

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    Keep in mind.. TGC2019 is literally a video game that can be played on PC and Playstation. It was modified by a software company for use on a simulator. There are definitely trade-offs using TGC compared to JNPG or E6.. But the overall course availability, in my mind, outranks the others. My only real complaint of TGC is the first bounce. It's horrible. Other than that, I prefer it. And being able to design your local courses is a big bonus (as long as you take your time and do it right). When I am wanting to collect data I use the software that came with my QED coupled with some HD cameras for instant feedback. It's nice because you can set the correct elevation and get pretty accurate club mapping.