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Uneekor - QED System - My Review

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  • Uneekor - QED System - My Review

    My system arrived on Friday and I have now had a full day exploring and playing on the system. My short review is that I am blown away by this system. For those interested, I have written down some of my thoughts below because I know there are a lot of guys looking at this system. I will try not to ramble, but here goes.

    Purchase Process From the very beginning, Doug Bybee has been a 1st class guy to deal with. Everything he has promised...price...product availability....features, etc has been met as promised. I paid what he said would be the price as stated at the PGA show. My unit shipped as promise and Doug even upgraded to FedEX overnight (at his expense) just to make sure I got the unit for the long 3 day weekend. He has brought on board Austin as the main technical support guy and I can tell you he too is 1st class all the way. These guys are excited about their product and it shows.

    Installation. Physically installing the system took about 45 minutes and software about 30 minutes. The only hiccup I had was a bad IP address that was preventing the unit from communicating with the PC. One call to Austin fixed that and Austin said," hey, while I'm online with your computer do you want me to install everything?" Naturally I said yes, and within 1.5 hours of arriving home I had a fully functioning system. Here is a video of my sim room with the new Uneekor.

    Hardware. As far as the system itself, I can find no fault. My buddy and I have played over 36 holes of golf and have had 0 "no reads " and 0 "mis-reads". I am still amazed at the technology that allows the 2 cameras to render the the ball in 3D. How they can get the shot of the club going through the ball with cameras that are 3.5 feet behind the golfer is mystifying to me. I agree with others who have tested the system side by side with trackman and GC2 that the Uneekor is on par with them if not better. I say better because in addition to the data, you get recorded, visual verification. Now the truly exceptional area that I like the most is in the putting and chipping. The system reads putts perfectly and when chipping will easily pick up flop shots, knock down shots,etc. I did a short video on putting to try and demonstrate.

    Software. My take on the software is broken down into 2 areas. As far as practice, the Uneekor software is far and away the best I have played. The driving range includes a putting green and chipping area where you can move the ball around and setup any shot you like. In addition, there is a module called Short Game Complex which is super. It has 2 areas, a practice area where again, you can setup any shot you like and a game based drill that you play and try to get the highest scrore.....really fun and keeps you interested. Finally, in addition, there is a "practice mode" where you can go to any of your courses, any hole you want, and setup any shot you want....complete flexibility.

    Also, another thing I like about the way they have built the system is the redundancy of data. By that I mean that you can get all the shot data, the camera through impact view, and the swing analysis in all of the above areas I have talked about....putting green, driving range, short game complex, and even the club fitting software which I did not get into very much. Here is a video I did of the Short Game Complex.

    There is still much about the software that I have not gotten into.....but I have not seen any red flags or problems.

    Now the 2nd area regarding software is the simulation or game playing. Specifically, let's compare to TGC2019. Honestly, there are some things the Uneekor home courses have that I wish would be brought into TGC 2019 like rough and sand play (penalties are stated on screen and are real), However, there are some things missing like hole flyover, multiple view angles, etc. As far as online tournaments and playing with others, they are not present in Uneekor system.

    The good news is that within a couple of weeks, Uneekor will be integrated with TGC 2019. Here is another reason I like Doug and his group. Instead of just joining the other mfgs. and taking the easy road by using the ProTee interface, Uneekor has built their own interface directly with the HB Studies SDK which I believe will allow almost 0 shot delay. I have not been told this but it is only my opinion at this point.

    Future Technology The last thing I want to point out is what will be happening over the next year or two. Doug has told me that there are many future enhancements in the works. Remember, this is not a beta product, it is a new translated product, but there are hundreds if not thousands of units out there. The Korean units already have auto-tees, moveable floor mats, rough/sand hitting mats, and much more. In fact, I believe the QED mobile app will be available soon so that you can access your data anywhere. Here is a link from the European Distributor.

    Finally, one of the first things you notice when you start the system is a box that lists any updates that were ran or need to be ran. Again, they have built into the system a way to push out firmware updates, etc. automatically. Austin told me that as long as I leave my unit connected to the internet, he will push out updates, etc as they happen. Again, these people do things right......

    Sorry for rambling guys...but just so much stuff to report on. Let me know what you want to see and I will try to answer all requests as soon as I can.

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    I purchased my GC2 last December and I like it a lot and find it very accurate. It stinks that I cant have any lefty friends. I currently have inch subfloor and use synlawn precision putt for my whole surface. I do have a cut out area that I could put a gel insert. I was hitting off it (had 1/2 foam insert under the hitting area and developed some bad hand pain. I change to a synlawn tee strike (which is alright, but not what I want. I like the idea of having the overhead build. I just want the yardages to correct. Also, I dont know if I am sold on not using my own golf ball without marking it up.


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      Gene those sound great. Are they the dots that are for sale or are they just some vinyl stickers you had printed up / purchased elsewhere?

    • rjd1975
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      Guys, I agree with gene438 that the vinyl dots work pretty well. Also when they do come off, they don't stick to your screen so that is cool. But I do have a question...have you guys noticed the what I call "888/222" misread and/or error? If Uneekor reads the ball but can't see the stickers it shows a shot with the correct ball speed but the wrong spin (ie 888 backspin and 222 sidespin). I have offered a potential work-around to Doug and they are looking into it but I think it would help my case if other folks were getting this error as well.

    • birdie
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      I have had my QED installed for two weeks and maybe had 1 oder 2 misreads of 100 shots with 888 spin. How many misreads do you have?