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Mounting suggestions

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  • Mounting suggestions

    So I am worried about the Uneekor unit pulling right off of the drywall ceiling since it’s 30lbs. Are you guys just using the 9 screws that come with the unit or adding some kind of extra anchoring or support? All suggestions are welcome as my unit is due to arrive this weekend! Thanks!!

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    I made sure that at least 2 screws went into a joist (I utilized 2-1/2" construction screws in these areas), then I used toggle bolts (1/4-20) to secure the corners of the mount into the drywall. I feel that the unit is very secure using this method.


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      Same here.... 2 screws in a joist will do it.

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    You can buy drywall anchor that support 80lbs a piece. even if you do 4 it's more than overkill. The easiest way is to just catch a stud, but really there's many options, 30lbs isn't really all the heavy if you use the proper anchors.


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      If you can't mount the system directly to a joist, you'd be far better off mounting to something sturdy that is mounted to joists. For example, if you're mounting to a finished drywall ceiling, you could buy a small sheet of sanded, 1/2" thick plywood and mount the plywood to two ceiling joists. You can then safely attach the unit to the plywood. (Sanded plywood is easy to paint, so the finished solution can look relatively elegant.)

      Toggle bolts are great -- I've used them extensively to hang heavy things on walls -- but I don't think it's worth testing the strength of your drywall with a $6K unit hovering 9 or 10 feet directly above the ground.


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        I mounted a 1/2" board to the ceiling and I made sure that was screwed into the joists...then I mounted the Uneekor to that.


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          If you can get into the area above I would cut a 2" X 12" board and put between the joist where the Uneekor will be mounted then screw through the joist into the 2" X 12" ends. You can use 2" X 4" or 2" X 6" if need be just put in two or three mounted the same way where the screws holding the mount will go into them.