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Congrats to @Joe_S (GROSS AND NET) winning the TGC 2019 FALL TOUR - Houston Open !

Join this weeks TGC1 2019 FALL TOUR - The CJ Cup at Nine Bridges with 2 rounds at Wailua Valley G.C. (ProTee Green Tee) :
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Refine package better than base + TGC?

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  • Refine package better than base + TGC?

    Owners, do you feel the middle (refine), package is better than going with the base and buying TGC? I guess it's more a question of are the 5 courses and the short game complex worth 1k?

    I love the idea of short game complex but I think I can get my fill elsewhere for the money.

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    I went with the base option. I like the short game complex and I do not think that TGC 2019 has a direct competitor but there are plenty of shorter courses and other ways to work on your short game in TGC 2019. My two questions would be: 1. do you mean TGC or TGC 2019...I think you should go with TGC 2019 if you plan on playing online. 2. Do you plan on playing online, and on the a tour...I think this is where TGC 2019 has the big advantage over refine.


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      I like the short game complex....I use it a lot. I think middle package + TGC2019 is a good package. I went with Success and not really using the additional courses but hoping my add'l 1K will pay off down the road....


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        I went with the base unit, I find a course and a hole I want to use on TGC 2019 and turn auto rewind on, I have my shot data turned off on TGC 2019 and have it on my projector to see the ball flight, and QED set to full screen on my 55" monitor to see my data.


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          Well I'll be online eventually and yes I was referring to tgc2019. I know there is a tremendous value in repetitive short game practice but seeing as I have never owned a simulator, I didn't know if the short game complex may be less cumbersome to use for hundreds of shots versus rewind in tgc2019.

          I guess I can buy the base (ignite) package with TGC2019 upfront and then upgrade to refine package later if TGC with rewind isn't meeting my needs.


          • rjd1975
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            I would say that you will want TGC2019 no matter what. If you can afford the extra $1k for the refine package then I think you will get use out of it but I would rather have the courses and tournament options.