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Upgrade our simulator: Uneekor vs Flightscope X3

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  • Upgrade our simulator: Uneekor vs Flightscope X3

    Very informative forum. New to the site and looking for objective advice from this forum. Our family has invested in a simulator room and software from Customer Design Golf (sensor mat system with E61.6 software. Based on initial feedback we are exploring an upgrade to either Uneekor or Flightscope X3. Open to potentially other recommendations.
    Build: 16:9 Width, Lenovo High end gaming PC; 13 feet 8 inches, ceiling 104 inches. Depth is not an issue. Currently set up as dual play.

    Goals: System Responsiveness, ease of use, accuracy, seamless L & R play, practice and modern sim integration
    Need to support Left and Right play: Hopefully with very limited offset vs our current set up.
    Would like to preserve our investment in E6 1.6, potential upgrade to E6 connect or TGC
    Have the ability to open the ceiling for another 12 " of ceiling height to accommodate the Uneekor system. The Uneekor team has been very responsive.
    My son is a 1 handicap, 125 MPH swing speed. Miss reads were a real problem.
    Would also love feedback and recommendations on the best mat for such a set up.

    This is a significant investment and there is so much information out there, we are trying to do our homework and select the right solution that offer excellent playability and future proofing for years of play.

    Thanks in advance for the feedback.

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    I am a huge fan of the Uneekor system, so that would get my vote. It will run E6 and is really a plug n play system. Accurate, easy to use, and supported very well...


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      Gene, thanks. Are you running the E6 Connect or 1.6? Would I need to purchase their software alongside the E6?


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        I replied to your facebook post, you need to consider your width since you want both L and R hand play. Could be a costly mistake if not planned out correctly.


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          Maybe gene438 can provide the exact field of view the uneekor has at his height. This will give you an idea whether or not you can swing both L and R in your space and have the unit still be able to see/read the ball


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            As far as E6, I gave the demo and it runs fine...I have not purchased the product. I also run TGC2019 and JNPG.

            As far as field of view, my Uneekor is mounted 9'6" (my ceiling height). I made a video of the field of view or hitting area here:


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              Gene, thanks for taking the time. This is very helpful. What mat are you using? Are you also using the optional video system?


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                Gene, we ordered the Uneekor System today. Are you using the video cameras for swing analysis, if so which ones did you purchase?


                • gene438
                  gene438 commented
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                  Sorry for the delay. I am using 2 webcams I had laying around. They plugged in and played very easily but the quality is poor. Like the guys below, I am searching for a good camera. I talk to Doug to see where they were on this and they are still hoping to have something available in October.

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                Originally posted by JKCapeCod View Post
                Gene, we ordered the Uneekor System today. Are you using the video cameras for swing analysis, if so which ones did you purchase?
                JKCapeCod Uneekor mentioned marketing their own cameras soon, did you ask Doug as to the status of these when you ordered? Personally, I have been using the OV2710 cameras (my down the line cam has a varifocal 2.8-12mm lens and my face-on has a 2.1mm lens), but I am looking to upgrade. Even though these cameras are capable of 100-120fps, in my experience they seem to drop frames when used with the Uneekor and there is too much shaft blur if you are wanting to see club head or shaft position. I have been considering upgrading to these cameras:

                They can handle the same frame rate at a higher resolution, and they have a global shutter which should help with shaft blur. I have been stalling on pulling the trigger though, because I have been waiting to see what Uneekor offers.


                • bbjr
                  bbjr commented
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                  Also, depending on which Uneekor system you ordered, there may not be the capability within the software to adjust camera parameters (gain, contrast, exposure, etc). And, most of these cameras are driverless, so you will need another software in order to adjust these settings. The base Uneekor system doesn't have this capability, but you can download the Kinovea software and adjust the camera settings from within that software, then they will automatically be used when you open up the Uneekor software suite.

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                bbjr I use those same cameras with Uneekor and they work very well in the club fitting program (ignite), and with V1, but when i try to use them with the standalone cam program in Succeed they don't display a picture. Are yours able to display an image in the Succeed?


                • bbjr
                  bbjr commented
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                  emanley21 I only bought the Ignite version of the software, so I can't tell you firsthand, but I think gene438 may be using the same cameras successfully with the Succeed software. Maybe he can chime in and confirm.

                • rjd1975
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                  emanley21 I can't remember if you already addressed this but do you use the Bridgestone balls or stickers?

                • emanley21
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                  I currently use the bridgestone balls, they are much better than the original. I bought the stickers and i won't again. For me all it took was one 250 yard 5 iron because it misread the spin during a tournament. I'm sure it was my fault, that i didn't place the ball correctly, but still.

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                Here are the 2 cameras Doug recommended. They are still looking at different cameras to offer, maybe later this fall. Option #1

                Option #2

                Tri-Pod Stands