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Wish List for Uneekor Succeed Software

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  • Wish List for Uneekor Succeed Software

    After using Succeed now for a number of rounds, there are a number of improvements I think might be in order. If we could compile a list and then submit them to Austin or the powers-that-be, maybe future updates will integrate some of the suggestions.

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    Here are a few suggestions:

    1. Provide an option if OB to take the ball back to the fairway and count 2 strokes (rather than re-tee) in accordance with the new rules.
    2. Option to leave pin in while putting
    3. Change the aim arrow on the monitor to blue, the same colour as the aim marker on the hitting screen (minor consideration)
    4. Option to continue playing after getting double par
    5. Change penalty in "deep rough" to 30-40 percent rather than 10 percent ( might be difficult to program??)


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      In game mode add scramble mode


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        Would like to see a vapor trail on ball flight instead of that cross hair with ball inside it.

        Add scramble mode would be cool.

        Ability to play 8 guys.


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          Great thread...

          1)Add ability to play online vs. other uneekor owners
          2)Add hole flyover button
          3)Add scramble, skins, and match play modes of play

          I have actually grown to like the uneekor courses more and more. I think there is a ton of potential here.......


          • Jwheels9876
            Jwheels9876 commented
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            You should do a 18 hole stream on one

          • gene438
            gene438 commented
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            Good idea, I will do it

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          Does anyone know if Uneekor monitors this forum??


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            I do not have the Uneekor Succeed software, and I just wanted to see what was being said. But after reading a few post I got to thinking if I could add a LIDAR recreations of the courses I play in real life like is done in TGC and had the online play available it would sure encourage me to go for it, I do all my playing in TGC 2019 for right now but it is a modified video game and has things I overlook just because it is a modified video game. I would love to see something set up for a real golf simulator use by real golfers and I am sure there are many more out there that would agree with me on that.


            • BGCurtis2nd
              BGCurtis2nd commented
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              Jwheels9876 I know it would have to be setup to use Chad's tool and hopefully that could be worked out but we need a starting point so I thought I would put my 2 cents worth in and see if there was a chance of it happening.

            • Jwheels9876
              Jwheels9876 commented
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              Certainly would be great but probably a long shot.

              Best part of TGC is playing local courses you can build

            • BGCurtis2nd
              BGCurtis2nd commented
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              May be a long shot but at lest by saying something there may be a chance, if nobody says anything much less of a chance for them to change it.

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            My wish would be for all this stuff to also be in Refine, not just Succeed.


            • birdie
              birdie commented
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              My understanding is, that Refine and Succeed is the same. The difference is only that you have 5 courses in Refine and 20 in Succeed.

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            Par 3 courses for when you don't want to hit driver/3w


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              Hello all, checking in on this thread... We/I appreciate all the comments and wish list ideas! Our goal is to continuously improve the system for the enjoyment of all, but as you can imagine we get a lot of "one off" requests. We work to identify the changes/upgrades that we hear frequently and can accomplish in a reasonable fashion. With that said, keep listing your wishes "reasonable" and I'll continue to monitor and add to our checklist. Cheers! Doug Bybee


              • LondonGolf
                LondonGolf commented
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                Sounds like a great approach, Doug. You guys probably hear this a lot, but your customer-focused mindset is awesome. I agree with wheels that some recognizable courses for the North American market would be huge.

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              Welcome Doug!

              I would say the one thing that could definitely take the brand to another level is to start getting a bunch of courses people know in the refine/succeed software . Add an online component scramble and a few other game modes and compete with E6 for that extra 2k price tag... I only have ignite at the moment but I like how the ball physics look on the succeed courses..
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                Putting Practice camera changes. In the putting practice portion of the range would like to sees the entire stroke recorded (overhead unit) including the transition from back stroke to fwd stroke. Would be a great teaching tool. As it stands right now because of the slow speed of a putt barely any of the stroket gets recorded.
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                  I second a scramble mode, a fantastic format to introduce all skill levels to the Uneekor system. Does anyone know if TGC is developing a scramble mode?


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                    Doug, Matt,

                    It would be great to be able to use a fitting module in Refine so that we could have a mix of the ignite software + the great driving range of the refine (ideally also available on any practice hole from the different courses.

                    This new driving range would allow us to add our own clubs in refine (not only the standard bag)...and be able to name them (6 iron brand A, 6 irond brand b, driver xxx....).

                    The new refine driving range would offer the possibility to compare clubs together for an infinity of shots (just as ignite). It would then show an individual table for each club and a summary table to compare all selected clubs.

                    The driving range would also let us define our "brick" of info (face to path, face to angle, carry, spin, landing angle...) to put on the side of the screen (as for ignite in which we can do that at the bottom right of the screen).

                    The club video, within the driving range, would also allow the use of the mouse wheel to go backward and forward...just as in the ignite software

                    The driving range would also offer a "drive optimizer" as Flightscope does on their range. We could take the average swing speed, launch angle, ball speed and spin and make them vary to find out the maximum distance possible for the current player.

                    This is my "dream" for a future version of the refine driving range and clubfitting use of it.



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                      Apart from the great ideas above I’d like the shot fly over not just the hole is really useful in TGC. match play and skins mode, extend gimme rules to entire green like TGC with 1 putt given under 6 feet, ntp mode, extend approach range, option to reduce green size on approach range.

                      btw cannot wait till the club data improves and unmarked balls will be great to compare brand performance. Game mode on the update will be so much fun!
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