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Camera options for Uneekor

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  • Camera options for Uneekor

    Fellow Uneekor users, looking for feedback on successful deployment of 3rd party cameras that work well with my QED. I know a number of users have tested various solutions with moderate success. Uneekor has announced the Swing Motion system but at $1400 it is expensive. We are fairly new to this level of analysis and envision occasional use of the cameras. Any advice not the following would be very helpful. We love our system and the support we have received from the Uneekor team.

    1 What model, spec, costs and results
    2 Lighting requirements
    3. Capture and storage
    4 Software requirement
    5 The benefits of the Uneekor Swing Motion camera option; Unclear if this comes with a separate software package
    6. Overall benefit of a camera system

    Thanks so much.

  • I was also thinking of going with the Kayeton camera over the Spinel. I have the EYEXO and am wondering if it comes with the IR filtered lens or does anybody know where I can get one to fit the Kayeton 2.8mm lens.


    • Here is what I am working with


    • Thanks Tim.
      I like they come in the nice enclosed case!
      Saves the 3D printed thing.
      My set up allows 5' on the side and 8' from the back.
      You don't see any problems there?
      I will send back the 2 ELP cameras i ordered from Amazon and go with what you suggest.

      What is a AM Cap?

      Here is my set up.
      Don't laugh at the Leaf's Signage.


      • timsiegle
        timsiegle commented
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        I have about 8' from the side and 12' to the back wall. The ND in the model name stands for "non-distortion" so no fish-eye look to the image.
        With only 5' on the side, you might want the "L20" one with a 2.0mm lens and larger Field of View (120 degrees vs 95 degrees)

        AM Cap is a free software that allows you to adjust webcam settings (brightness, contrast, etc) to suit your environment and lighting. You'll have to mess around a bit to get to optimal image quality

    • So this one?


      • timsiegle
        timsiegle commented
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        That's the one

    • OK.
      Got the 2 cameras usb cables pluged into the back of the computer.
      Now what? Watched a You-Tube video, but it was a older QED and his Folders did'nt look anything like mine.
      Can you help on what i do from here to start seeing the cameras and getting them on the Ignite screen?


      • timsiegle
        timsiegle commented
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        Open Ignite, click 'settings', then choose the webcams from the drop-down menu where it says 'Left' and 'Right'
        The cameras can't be in use by any other program or they won't be seen in Ignite.

    • Quick follow-up question on this: I hooked up a couple cameras and setup, easy-peasy. When I take a swing and the playback shows, it only makes it about halfway through my swing before it switches off. Before I start digging, does someone know a quick adjustment for this? Thanks, Neil


      • Any updates on the Kayeton color vs Spinel B&W? The videos of the Spinel above look like a good solution, but color is enticing...
        Does the Kayeton have IR filter possibilities?


        • Originally posted by stevnkrn View Post
          I bought a $62 Spinel camera from Amazon ( =1) and it works quite well as a swing cam. It's black and white but 120 fps. Unlike some of the other cameras listed in this thread this one it is readily available from a U.S. supplier. In my case it took 3 days from order to delivery. It came with a 2.1mm lens with an IR filter so I don't see any flickering from the IR LEDs in my Uneeker QED. I like it well enough that I ordered a second one. The video at 1/8 speed looks very similar to the video birdie posted using Kayeton cameras.
          Would this be similar to what you got? What would the distance required be to capture a full swing?


          • Originally posted by COgolfengineer View Post
            I have the Spinel cameras that have been suggested here. They are black and white.

            I have recently tried a color 120fps camera by Kayeton and works very well. Here's the link.

            Global Shutter High Speed 120fps CS Mount Varifocal 2.8-12mm UVC Plug Play Driverless USB Camera with Mini Case

            With the Spinels, if you don't have enough light, I get this very high contrast and grainy image so I have to turn on Low Light Compensation in Amcap which I think increases the exposure time and gives more blur. I don't have to do this with the Kayeton camera as the Low Light setting is grayed out in Amcap, but it might do something internally. Either way, the picture looks good for a color camera, same or less club blur than Spinel, and has an adjustable lens.
            That lens starts at 2.8mm. What distance do you need for the full swing to be captured?


            • Originally posted by View Post
              Question about the camera setup. I have a Spinel UC10MPC_ND_BH36 setup front facing, about 7 feet from the hitting area. When I see the captured image in AMCap (see attached) the image is plenty large enough to capture my entire swing. However, when using the View software, the horizontal image (see attached) is being cropped pretty substantially, and to the point that my swing will definitely not fit in the captured image.

              Is there a setting within View that I am missing or is this simply intended behavior and is needed so that both the front and down the line video can be displayed in one screen while using View.
              What software is 'View'?