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Need advise which Uneekor System and package I should go for!

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  • Need advise which Uneekor System and package I should go for!

    Hello guys, need some advise...
    Started playing golf after 10years pause this year again and currently have HCP 32 -so a lot of work todo :-)
    Built my own private sim a few weeks ago, after lot of discussions with the neighbors regarding hitting golfballs with my skytrak in the garden

    Everything is fine, nice enclosure, nice furniture, new gaming computer, some smart home stuff, bar and so on
    BUT the many noreads of my skytrak are annoying
    Also Putting feels very unreal.

    When I'm in work I let friends and some flight partners play in the sim for a small fee. Also thinking about to offer some local PGA Pros the ability to give lessons there with their clients or maybe fittings in the summer period

    Software I use currently: - Skytrak (Gameimprovment Pack) as Driving-Range / Practice Area
    - E6 Connect for Friends and externals (easier to handle and they can not ruin all my settings like in TGC)
    - TGC 2019 (by my self / with family)

    I planned to buy swing-catalyst for skytrak / cameras in the future...
    But currently thinking about upgrading the skytrak with a uneekor system (in fact the whole sim was a lot of work "just for" a skytrak)

    Unfortunaley I already crashed my budget by more than 200% ...
    So I have to choose wise which option / package I'm going to buy - and this is where I need your help:

    a)- QED with Refine Package (Ignite for Fittinig / Refine for Driving Range and Practice because of seamless integration of swingvideos and clubvideos)
    • Uneekkor Swingoptix Camera Package
    • E6 Connect Extended
    • TGC 2019 (89$ for hardware transfer)
    b) EyeXO BasicView only (For Fitting and Swing Practise / Shortgame or other practice then with E6 or TGC=
    • E6 Connect Extended
    • TGC 2019 (89$ for hardware transfer)
    • No cameras
    c) EyeXO Basic – View only (For Fitting and Swing Practise / Shortgame or other practice than with E6 or TGC
    • Uneekkor Swingoptix Camera Package
    • E6 Connect Extended
    • TGC 2019 (89$ for hardware transfer)

    Thoughts and other questions:
    c) is 2.000 above the other options and makes me even more over budget ;-(

    I don’t care about the ball with or without marks
    What seems interesting on Eyexo is the impact position photo and graphic where I hit the ball on the club face, all the other numbers the exyo delievers more, are nice but in my current phase I maybe have much more to concentrate on a good repeatable swing and ball contact…

    If to decide between a) and b), would you go with the newer hardware and miss the cameras, or do you tink QED is enough for me and I will benift more from the cameras?
    Or is c) the only choice that make sense

    My Guests for sure will not use club stickers…
    Do they have to be used on eyexo?
    What additional features or extras do you have with this stickers on QED?

    Is “View “Software better than “Ignite”? (maybe another reason to go with the eyexo)

    Fo b) and c) is View enough or any real disadvantages when doing practice in E6 or TGC?

    In fact every option is a lot of additional money…
    Anybody had skytrak before and upgraded to qed?
    Is noreads and short game significant better?

    Thank you for your advise!

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    I'm in the same boat with you in that I'm coming from Skytrak considering Uneekor. $4k is a big difference between the 2 hardware however considering the environment your showing and some of the other considerations you've mentioned, seems to me like the XO may be worth making the investment. I would go option b and consider adding cameras down the road.


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      I am about to pull the trigger on the QED. Outside of the $4k price difference and me not really caring as much about club data, I also prefer the system that mounts behind me and needs higher ceilings. My garage has 11' ceilings which is perfect for the QED but I would have to drop the XO a foot or more. Add that to being in front of hitting area and I am not comfortable with that. LOL. I am likley ordering the Refine package QED and the place I have been talking to is offering the E6 full package for $1100 for the first year than I can subscribe to the $300 or $600 package after the year is over. I think that is cheaper than if I did E6 at normal price which is more like $2k plus plus the subscription (I think).


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        We have the QED and just added the Swing Optix cameras. Very happy with the performance and the marked balls are not an issues. The cameras work very well and integrate nicely, we are using them often for swing analysis and improvement. I would vote for TGc 2019 and wait on E6. We spend a lot of time in Refine for practicing and games. Good luck, you won't be disappointed with either system.


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          If budget plays any role in this, I would think QED trumps EyeXO. If you can charge folks to play and offset the additional cost then EyeXO makes sense to me. With the new dotted ball offering that's recently become available, I feel the primary QED limitation has been addressed. The ruggedness of the QED system that has been proven in commercial settings is very important to me. Maybe EyeXO is just as tough, but typically I feel newer means cost reduced which means less rugged. Maybe that's just me being paranoid?


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            Thanks a lot guys

            Today I ordered the eyexo with swing optix 😉
            Does anybody know what happens to club data when playing without stickers (guests) same results as qed? Or no clubdata at all?

            do you think the les lights with the in front mounting are disturbing when playing?
            also a significant risk of hitting it?


            • TheDon07
              TheDon07 commented
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              No club data without stickers on XO

            • DreamsofaGamer
              DreamsofaGamer commented
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              They send you a ton of stickers that you can put on your guests clubs, but if playing vs practicing, I don't usually look at the club data...I like TGC with all the courses they offer, I find most of the high rated courses are very realistic and a number of sites will rank them...I feel there is little risk in hitting unit given you are just 3.5 feet behind XO...IMO, each room has it's own lighting dynamics and it is hard to make a generalization, for example, TGC will look more faded out on the screen with more lights than Uneekor software...