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Uneekor QED Golf Ball options to prevent staining, get real spin numbers?

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  • Uneekor QED Golf Ball options to prevent staining, get real spin numbers?

    Hey all. ive been scouring the forum to try to find a more current answer/solution. I was curious if there was a fix to using a better ball for the QED. Ive tried the bridgestone uneekors and they are staining the heck out of my screen. As of late april of 2021, Is there a legitimate fix, or whats the best option? Do the urethane uneekors stain the screen or dots fade off? Are vinyl stickers still a bit of a fix? If so, where do I buy them. Any help or workarounds is greatly appreciated!

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    Get ahold of cmckelvmi for your dots. Ships quickly and at a good price. It is best option I have found. The Unicorns are nice but wear a bit prematurely and spin more than the ball I play outside(tp5x and VIx)


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      Thanks, I reached out to him as well!


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        I spoke to Uneekor last week and they told me the only ball they use in their corporate location are the TP5 Pix. This was a quite a surprise to me, but it mirrors my own experience that they work amazingly well. I asked whether the QED had been designed to work with them or not and they told me that it wasn't designed to work that way, the patterns just happen to work perfectly for the machine. Others here have reported misreads with them, but after using them for a couple of months now interchangeably with the Unicorns, I find absolutely no difference between the two. I ordered a couple of bags of cheap TP5 Pix practice balls on Amazon. you can't beat the price for performance.

        I ordered the dots mentioned above as well and find that they're the least durable of all the solutions. It could be the way I hit the ball, but after only a couple of weeks in the sim, a lot of the spots have come off or they're no longer firmly on the ball which causes misreads more than any of my other balls. With that said, LOTS of people here love the stickers, so don't let this one opinion sway you. I could have put them on wrong or some other problem... just sharing one person's experience so you can have all the info.

        The good news is... any of these options will be much better than what you have been using! You can't go wrong


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          Thank you for your input! Always wanting to learn how to improve the sim process. And stop those damn marker stains!


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            Click image for larger version

Name:	DF7D354A-E1C6-4B19-84A0-DA9D78C30D7D.jpeg
Views:	281
Size:	54.0 KB
ID:	331280 Swapped out all three of my wedges, my 3w, and worked thru 3 driver shaft options this winter....with this one ball. Easily over 700 shots, both high speed and high scuff.

            It was STILL being read perfectly (read: no mis-reads) as of last week, when I retired it.

            Not a single permanent mark on my screen; little crumbs flick off with a finger, and your nose practically has to be against the screen to see them.

            The dots from
            cmckelvmi are the only solution I’ve found that fulfills reliability, durability, and ball flexibility! No brainer for me.

            There is a whole lot of overthinking on this subject, IMO.


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              Cool, thank you for the input


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                Blue and white Chrome Soft Truvis works well. I get far more misreads with TP5 Pix than with Chrome Soft Truvis. I don't have an issue with the Bridgestones marking my screen and I have blasted tons of shots with them.


                • myrison
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                  Good to know about the Truvis thanks. I haven’t tried those. I’ve also not had the Bridgestones ever mark the screen and hit a ton of them before moving on to other balls. It almos seems like OP might have gotten a bad batch if the color is coming off.

                • myrison
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                  Are these the Truvis you’re using ? If not could you post a link please ? Thanks.

                  Callaway Golf Chrome Soft Truvis Golf Balls, (One Dozen), Prior Generation

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                Would love to hear more feedback on the Callaway Truvis, sounds like it could be the best solution. Does color make a difference?


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                  I use the white and blue Truvis which I got at the PGA Superstore. I also have the yellow and black Truvis which also work but I have found that the blue & white are far less prone to bizarre readings. I have had mixed results with the TP5 Pix. I would like to get a hold of the black & white Truvis. I do think the color matters as there needs to be good contrast between the base color and printed pattern.


                  • JKCapeCod
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                    Thanks, will need to try them.

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                  In my humble opinion, the urethane unicorns are by far the best option at this point for irons. They read very consistently and are very comparable to the milled ProV1s that used to be available. Granted their durability is not as high if you're hitting a lot of wedges, but I just use one ball for driving/putting and another for my wedges.

                  The bridgestone's are fine for driving if your driver already has plenty of spin, the spin reading is less than a ProV1. If your driver is very low spin (like mine can be) then I hit the urethane unicorns off the tee as well.

                  Hope this helps,


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                    The TP5x pix works almost perfectly. Probably less than 5% misreads. I've found that as long as I don't orient the taylormade logo on top, the chance of a misread is virtually nill.


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                      I have tried the stickers, unicorns, and the tpx5.

                      They all have their pros and cons and I've yet to find a clear winner.

                      The stickers allow you to play with whatever balls you're comfortable with. They hold up fairly well and I can use about 3 to 4 set of dots per ball. Biggest downside is when I play with other people and I have to tell them to orient the logo in a certain way which confuses a lot of my friends.

                      The unicorns have great spin with wedges.
                      ​​​​​​ Really comparable to the pro view ones with stickers.
                      That said the unicorns are a little soft with drivers, woods and hybrid. I'll typically hit a prov1 about 270 yards with my driver with the unicorn will go about 255.

                      Tpx5 at least for me reads reliably with driver, woods, and irons. Wedges will only spin 8 to 9kK for me where is a unicorn or pro V1, I usually get 9 to 10k.
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                        The TP5 Pix balls don't work well enough for me. Maybe 10% misreads. To many to play with on a regular basis. I have very good lighting too with halogen lights directly over my hitting position. The videos of the ball look pretty clear yet the system does not reliably pick up the pattern. I hope Uneekor comes up with another solution soon.