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Swing Cameras - can i run one or two off a USB hub?

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  • Swing Cameras - can i run one or two off a USB hub?

    my PC is in the office next to the golf sim and i was planning to run a multi port USB hub from the PC into the golf sim room. i was planning to do this so i could plug in a wireless mouse and keyboard receiver as well as one or two usb swing cameras. i was wondering if anyone can confirm if this will work or not. thanks in advance.

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    I’m using the Spinel cameras on an Alienware laptop. One is plugged into a usb-c hub, and the other is extended to get the rear view shot. I’m not sure if it’s because of the extender, or the extra power draw of another camera, but only one camera can be used into the hub (for me). My extended camera is plugged directly into the laptop’s USB port.


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      I suspect it will depend on the speed of the USB card in your computer as well as the amount of data transmitted by the cameras (ie a low resolution camera might work but 2 high res cameras would be less likely). Ultimately I believe a USB hub is limited by the speed of the port of plugs into. So if you have two cameras going into one port that maxes out the throughput one won’t work.

      ultimately the only way to know for sure is to test.