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Winter 2017-2018 build

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  • Winter 2017-2018 build

    I've been lurking on these forums for a while, finally registered. am moving from Florida back to the midwest after 3 glorious winters of golf down here, I don't think I can give up swinging a club all year round. So my father-in-law, uncle (who both live in Indiana) and I decided we're going to build a golf simulator. Here's the main hardware list we came up with. We plan on spending about $5,000 on the main simulator hardware.

    All input is welcome! Especially any tips on a putting surface. We've never done this before so I've just been Googling "Best <insert piece>".

    • SkyTrak Launch Monitor- $2,249 + Game Improvement $99.95 + TGC software - $795/one time fee
    • Impact Screen ( - $325 There is a better option for like $600, but this should work fine I would imagine? We want to be able to hit real golf balls.
    • Benq MW632ST Projector ( - $580 Any other recommendations? I think we are going to mount it from the top of the cage.
    • TrueStrike Single Mat ( - $750
    • "Hitting Cage" - 10'W x 15'L x 10'H, fabricating
    • Neting - already have
    • Carpet - already have
    • Computer - already have
    • iPad - already have
    • Cabling - already have

    Cheers ya'll!
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    Just finished my $5k garage build a week ago. Got my Skytrak certified refurbished direct from their site with a metal case and game improvment package for $1675.

    I went with a 12x9 setup from Spectrum Golf for $530. Has the Supertex fabric, and 3 foot of vinyl sides and top.

    Got a used CCE type mat from rawhide golf balls for $130. Added a 12 x 18 divot action mat for $125.

    I also went with the Benq MW632ST. I have it mounted abour 9.5 feet away on ceiling. The 16 x 10 aspect is terrific. Also projects in 1920 by 1280 for anything HD and 16x9.

    Dont skimp on the computer. I ended up with a new Lenovo with quad i5 and GTX 1070 8GB for $780. Got a used 24 inch HP touchscreen monitor for $160.

    Also had my garage door tracks raised for $650.

    Turned out awesome and a ton of fun.


    • BrandonM
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      That's awesome to hear! Father-in-law wants more of a batting cage type enclosure for it all since it'll be in the pole barn and there are some things in there he doesn't want hit with errant shots. But this is pretty much what we're looking for.

      How do you typically handle sand shots?

    • TheUsualSuspect
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      Still a rookie, but I just play my 50 wedge like a normal wedge shot. Seems to work

    • msg
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      Wow I like how simple and effective your set up is. Looks really clean!

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    BrandonM, I’m looking at a similar set up. How far away are you hitting from?


    • BrandonM
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      The idea was to setup the hitting area 10-15' from the screen and see what gives us the best results. Think we're going to start with 10'.

      Just talked with the other 2 guys yesterday once I got into town and it's on Hoping there's a Black Friday deal on some of the pieces.

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    Today's purchases..

    SkyTrak with R-Motion package -- Cory answered all my questions within the same day and we ordered this a couple hours ago. Decided to get the club swing analyzer too (

    Hitting mat - For righty's and lefty's we went with this one from Truestrike (

    Screen - Went with this one, we'll see how it stacks up. (

    This is going to be awesome.


    • wbond
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      Welcome, you're going to have a lot of fun. Just curious, since you went with the dual mat, what is your plan for the ST since the hitting section is right in the middle of this mat. Will one person hit over the unit or do you plan to move it?

    • BrandonM
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      We will move it between hitters more than likely. But will basically carve out a space on each side so it's the same every time. First project with my wife's family.

      We're still deciding on building a false floor to put on instead of just putting carpet on the concrete and using it.

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    Anyone have any suggestions for projector placement? Any pros/cons for mounting on ceiling instead of floor with a ramp.

    We've seen a couple with the ramps that I guess simulate putting, but weren't sure how they actually performed.


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      Here's a rendering of the cage. It's supposed to be 15'W x 10'H x 10'D (rendering shows 15'D, but you get the picture)


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        IMHO, a ceiling mounted projector provides a "cleaner" look since it's up and out of the way


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          Just waiting on the TrueStrike mat (left/right) and we're going to Best Buy on Friday to get the projector and a wireless extender to get internet to the pole barn.

          Pictures coming soon


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            Everything is in. Here's what we're working with.

            R-Motion swing analyzer
            Epson 1060 Home Cinema 3LCD (didnt have BenQ in stock)
            TrueStrike L/R hitting mat
            Carlofet hitting screen
            SportNetting net
            Blackout mat from Amazon
            Custom cage
            Custom computer

            Picking up the pipe/fittings today for the cage. We are going to be building that Friday/Saturday. Hopefully golfing on Sunday!


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              Looks like GREAT space for your Sim... Jealous of, in order; the Pool Table, The AMP, The Tiki Bar, and the Poker Table. Good luck putting it together!


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                Originally posted by mikemcd22 View Post
                Looks like GREAT space for your Sim... Jealous of, in order; the Pool Table, The AMP, The Tiki Bar, and the Poker Table. Good luck putting it together!
                Lol it should be a good time. More pics soon!


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                  Had to get a new video card today so ordered a Geforce GTX 1050 Ti. Seems to be compatible with TGC. I wanna be able to start swinging into the screen next week!


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                    So the computer we planned on using I think is on it's way out. We already have a GeForce GTX 1050 Ti that I would like to continue to use. Just want to put something together that will run TGC properly. Currently using a Precision M4800 laptop that works, just not really built for this sort of thing. Any suggestions on a desktop (max $700, already have a video card)?

                    I promise more pictures soon. It's just kind of ugly while we're figuring out the best way to set everything up. We're still protecting the pipes.. a few errant shots have almost killed people