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How Much Has Your Sim Helped Your Game?

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  • How Much Has Your Sim Helped Your Game?

    Hi all. Been lurking the forum for a few months, but this is my first post. What kind of index drops have you all noticed before and after owning a simulator? Thanks!

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    Like many, I golfed a lot in my 20s and was decent (10-12 hdcp) but not great. Then life happens and in my early-mid 30s was lucky to get out 1-2 times a year. 2 years ago I played in a scramble and realized my entire game tee to green was shot.

    Last year I started playing a bit more and hitting the range more. 2 rounds in the 80s and many “liberal” mid-90s. Last winter, I found a bar in town that had golfzon simulators and I was hooked. Played once a week over winter and felt good. Took a golf trip in February to Arizona and was amazed. Played my first six +1 and last six +4 and we won’t talk about the middle six. I found I was not mentally prepared for the focus of 18 holes or physically prepared for 36.

    I got my skytrak set up in May and have hit around 500 balls so far. I played this last weekend (first time this year in real golf) and shot an 89. My iron play was awesome but I had 6 3-4 putts. If is can shore that up I am back around where I was 10 years ago. My father in law even commented on how well I was hitting the ball.

    Long story, but here are my general thoughts on sim

    1. Putting and chipping improvement need to be done at an outdoor facility

    2. There are no bad lies or wind in a sim. If you are cognizant about that on the course it will help.

    3. I have spent a lot of my practice on 50-125 yards on the GIP and it showed in the course.

    4. My distances are dialed in for my clubs. I was able to confidently pick a club and was pin high a shocking amount of time.

    5. In the long run I firmly believe I will break into the 70s with solid drives/irons and a mix of real life putting/chipping practice. Time will tell but it just goes to show how confident one can feel when the work in the sim translates to the course.


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      I've had my simulator for around 6 months now. Early in the summer I actually managed to get worse IRL. So much practice and ability to see club data was a blessing and curse. Rather than swinging naturally and freely I was always looking at the data and trying to correct things. I wanted to reduce my out to in path, I wanted to square the club face better, I wanted to chase some extra mph on the swing. All of that is great to do, but if you do too much at once I found you can lose your natural swing and get in your own head.

      Fast forward a couple more months and I've made it out the other side. All of those changes I've tried to make based on data have become engrained in my swing and feel natural now. I'm striking the ball significantly further (30+ yards on my driver and 3w, 15+ yards on my longer irons) and more accurately.

      Long story short I think it's extremely helpful to have a simulator and it can improve your ball striking, but don't be discouraged if it's not an immediate thing since you're likely going to want to tinker with your swing once you see the data. I also agree with a previous comment about it not improving much on chipping and putting. That's very much a feel thing and requires an outdoor setting to get right, at least for me. I can 2 putt most everything on a sim and get chips close, but in real life I have quite a bit of work to do to make that a reality.
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        Very helpful but getting a coach has been, as could be expected, way more impactful. The combination of coach and sim to continue to work on the lesson plan is great. HCP down significantly overall.


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          Purchased a GC2 a couple of months ago and ultimately it has really helped my iron game quite a bit. I've always hit my irons way too high and the GC2 confirmed that I did indeed have ridiculous launch angles on irons (25 with a 7 iron). It took a lot of work but I've finally improved my impact position which has greatly improved my launch angle (17 with 7 iron now) and my consistency of contact. I can now actually hit a five iron out of iffy lies because I'm no longer picking them as much. The ball flight I'm seeing on my irons is truly amazing compared to the past. I would never have been able to do this without the constant feedback on my launch angle with the GC2 (and hitting thousands of balls). It still wasn't easy and there is a process of bringing a simulator swing to the golf course that is frustrating at times (much like taking a range swing to the course).

          My driver has been more problematic. I just can't swing my driver normally in my garage. I have a PRGR launch monitor that I use with the GC2 which has been very helpful as I can take that to the course and compare. For whatever reason I swing about five miles per hour faster outside without even trying to swing fast. I also make much worse contact inside -- I hit shots inside that I don't think I've hit in the last 20 years on the range or the course. My next mission is to try and resolve this as it pretty much prevents me from enjoying playing holes on the simulator and relegates me to the range.

          Overall, I think simulators are a great way to improve your swing BUT it won't happen just by hitting a bunch of balls on it or trying to squeeze every last bit of yardage out of your clubs (it's very easy to just chase number which is not good for my game at least). Also make sure you have enough room to swing freely or at least be prepared to work on fighting the inside swing phenomenon


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            Before: I have a 3m wide 3m high golf net cage in my garage for past 2 years. I hit balls with it maybe once every fortnight or so, and play 18 holes on the real course once every couples of months.

            Now: 2 weeks ago, I purchased a Mevo+ and installed a projector simulation setup in the same cage. Since then, I've been hitting about 100-200 balls a day in range mode. Last couple of days, I really felt an improvement in consistency / rhythm in my swing. I feel like this is going to massively change my game simply due to making want to hit more balls every single day. Also, just knowing the "current" average distances for each iron, the lateral dispersion tendencies etc is going to really help in making better decisions at the course. Now it's making me want to play on the course more often as well. So I booked a round next week!


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              Id be lucky if I didnt double par every hole. Dont worry I sucked fast... Now im in the mid 90s on average and ive only used the LM intermediately im still not done building the sim