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Need matt to hit into in a small space

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  • Need matt to hit into in a small space

    Need a matt I can hit into in my basement. I will have it hung from the ceiling, 3 inches from the wall. Net needs to stop the ball dead and have it fall straight down to the ground. Any ideas of good products to look at? thanks

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    Hitting into a screen or a net needs probably at least 12" from the wall. At only 3", you might consider hanging a memory foam mattress topper. I've never tried this but I imagine the ball would have very little bounce back.


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      Thanks COgolfengineer


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        Saw this youtube video where he put a screen in fron of a mattress topper. Pretty cool setup he had for having the screen so close to the wall.


        • cweikert
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          That looks really nice! Maybe I should try this at home ;-)

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        Nice find CO. And thanks for posting the link. That is a sweet set up.


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          I got a really small space (living in a small apartment in Hamburg, Germany. Golf Club is closed again thanks to Lockdown maybe until April) and I'm hitting into a net hanging 0.5m away from the wall. The space is so small I only could use my irons and a hybrid. I also got 3 webcams filming me and OBS running in the background to stream every round to Youtube (to watch my round later if I want to):
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          • COgolfengineer
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            I saw your video. You made great use of your space, that's awesome! Man, if it was me, that TV in the corner would be shattered from all my crappy golf!