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Hitting of mats - Distances

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  • Hitting of mats - Distances


    How much difference does hitting off a mat compared to real turf make on spin rates and distance? I find that I generally hit slightly shorter from a mat in the sim than on the course


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    My guess is that would vary depending the type of mat you're using and how you hit your shots. I'm using SwingTurf and I've found it be really close in terms of distance to what I hit on the course. If I have a flat 160yd shot for example I'm using a 7i for both the sim and in real life. Where I see the difference is in the different types of rough and when my lie is uneven, but that's just a limitation of any simulations compared to real life.
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      I do believe that a mat produces slightly shorter distances for short irons up to mid-irons. I think that is in direct correlation with the angle of attack that's (supposed to be) employed depending upon the club that you are using. The longer irons, theoretically employed using a more sweeping, flatter, less steep downswing, produce a ball contact typically on the face of the club generally in the area, from a vertical perspective, (e 6th groove +/-?) that I would/do experience on the course. If I'm hitting a Sand Wedge, down through perhaps my pitching wedge, the ball strike, on the mat, is lower by a couple of grooves than when I am on the course. IMHO, that is a result of not being able to compress a mat sufficiently to get the ball strike a little higher on the face. I've used TrueStrike, Country Club Elite, Real Feel & FiberBuilt. They all have their pros/cons, but I think they all influence that strike in a similar fashion. That's my opinion, I don't have any data or studies to support that statement, but I hit those short irons, like my 58° wedge, 70 yards off the mat, around 75 yards off grass. I'm not a great golfer, my index is 15.6, so that's obviously a factor here.


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        Thanks I use truestrike and yes its the shorter irons that i find hitting slightly shorter maybe 5-10 yards between the 48 degree and 8 iron and i figured it was maybe down to the fact you cant achieve the same compression as off turf. Now doubt there are probably a number of factors including accuracy of launch monitor


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          Usually distances are slightly longer for carry. Mats usually produce higher launch angles and lower spin (hence longer distances).