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Full Swing KIT vs. Mevo Plus

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  • Full Swing KIT vs. Mevo Plus

    Does anyone have any insight on whether or not the Full Swing KIT is more accurate than the Mevo Plus since its latest firmware update? I'm trying to find a reason to get the KIT over the Mevo+ with Pro Package.
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    None of the reviews, comments or posts I’ve seen on FSK to date would indicate it is more accurate. With the latest firmware update maybe it is now as accurate as a M+. It is not even clear to me how much ball flight a FSK tracks.

    Full disclosure I own a M+ w PP. For some metrics on M+ (AoA for instance) the set up is very important for good data. I know the FSK self levels but if the unit to ball elevation difference still requires manual input and the hitting area is similar I don’t think that helps FSK that much from an accuracy perspective. The M+ hitting area is about a 6” diameter but the AoA really needs the exact same point. If FSK improves on that then it could certainly make a difference.


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      You are my idol for now long


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        I'm definitely not an expert, but apparently the hardware used in the full swing kit is much, much better. So in theory the kit should have higher potential than the mevo+.

        At the moment, the mevo+ is more reliable (especially indoor) from all the reviews. So I guess it comes down to whether or not Full Swing can be trusted to deliver on the software side to make it as good or even substantially better than the mevo+.


        • bubbtubbs
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          It's twice as expensive as the M+ so I'd certainly hope the hardware reflected that.

          Did they release indoor mode or Android/PC connectivity yet? The Full Swing subforum is a ghost town.

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        Definitely a ghost town. Seems like they may have rushed it out the door. Hard to get a proper review or comparison when the software is half baked.

        Also, to be fair in terms of pricing, it's probably better to compare the FSK to the mevo+ with the pro package at $3k. So not necessarily twice the price, but still more expensive.


        • bubbtubbs
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          Then you're getting 11 more data points for 1K less on a unit that can connect to both major phone OS and already works inside. The only real downside is poor battery life and having to tilt the device manually.

          IMO, of course.
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        • bubbtubbs
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          As a follow-up, I was on GolfWRX and apparently the indoor mode for the Kit was released a few weeks ago. User reports seem positive, though there's no posted numbers or video reviews comparing it to a benchmark, so it's hard to judge.

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        The main component of a radar launch monitor is the RF board. I'm no expert in radar technology but I would think the 4x4 antenna arrays of the Mevo+ are better than the 2x2 arrays of the FSK. I'd guess they cost more too. Both are 24ghz patch antenna arrays.

        Left is the Mevo+ and Right is the FSK.
        Click image for larger version

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          Just interested if anyone has compared the FSK with the new updates to a Mevo + or any other quality device after the updates.