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Skytrak vs. GC3n Alignment Issues

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  • Skytrak vs. GC3n Alignment Issues

    I’ve been using the SkyTrak for some time now, and can’t say I’m happy with it. In addition to the misreads, the biggest problem I have is that alignment with the screen and the mat seems to be incredibly important. Even when it seems like the SkyTrak is aligned correctly (using the alignment aid or even a laser against the case), most of the time we find that we have to be aiming for a point on the screen that is off (i.e., we might have to aim slightly left or right of what looks straight to actually hit a straight shot).

    The GC2 or GC4 doesn’t seem to have that alignment issue, or at least seem to have tolerances so that moving the device around doesn’t require super precise re-calibration and alignment. I’ve moved the GC2 for instance back and forth to hit a driver without re-aligning exactly and yet shots seem to be pretty accurately depicted.

    Is that a known issue for SkyTrak? And does it make sense that the Foresight products are more tolerant with respect to alignment (within reason of course).

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    Ive recently changed from Skytrak to GC3 and I agree with you but you have to also look at the price difference. The skytrak is a great bit of kit for the price but inevitably the frutrations you have made me upgrade.


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      I've had both skytrak and gc2 and both have to be aligned properly. I would say that the GC2 could have a better alignment of the cameras being square to the frame of the device. Skytrak can certainly have their cameras not perfectly square to the case, but once you know if it's skewed slightly, it won't change. Many users have had to either have their skytrak open or closed to their target line to read straight shots. It's very simple to do and once you know which way it's biased, you can make the spot it sits in so it's correct every time.


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        Went from Skytrak to BLP (aka GC3)... alignment is 100x easier with the BLP and it's alignment stick/feature.