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  • Wiz-i Launch Monitor Feedback

    After mixed experiences over the last 2 years with an R10 then a Skytrak then a MLM2Pro and recently ebay special 'shanked' GC2- i really wanted to get a reliable (low misreads) launch monitor.
    The GC2 is working okish, but might need a camera recalabration which means shipping to the USA (10 to 12 weeks turnaround)- Note- I got the mega flash from Andy.
    Being based in the UK my LM choice is a lot more limited and expensive. There's no BLP, and the EU Foresight distributor has no option for GC3 ball only. The lowest price option is GC3 with ball and club for £6000/$7500
    After lots of looking around I'm really drawn to the Wiz-i launch monitor. The hardware is simple, two high speed cameras and an IR board. All the intelligence is in the PC software. Zero shot delay. It measures all the important ball stats, has a hitting area replay. Its overhead so no thoughts of hitting the LM with a ball. There are no ongoing subscriptions apart from GSPro subs.

    I'm struggling to get recent reviews on this forum and on youtube. The company that makes wiz-i doesn't seem to market itself very much- I'm guessing just a very small company.

    Any thoughts from any users out there!

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    The best resource for wiz-I is from this great fb community found here. Super friendly bunch with no real troll/haters. It has been quite a nice experience for me.

    I love my wiz-I based on new measurement data, no marked balls, large 24”x24” hitting area, and no SAAS (subscription as a service) which I have always found bs for a hardware company to hold someone hostage to use your own purchases equipment fully.

    Meld je aan bij Facebook om te delen en contact te maken met je vrienden, familie en mensen die je kent.


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      Thanks Davey. Any downsides at all with the Wiz-I. I've heard from the facebook group that the driver has to be towards the front of the hitting area. Any issue with flop shots and short chips etc. I wish there were more video reviews on youtube.


      • Joegolfguy
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        Not sure who told you the driver needs to be hit in the front of the hitting area. I have had mine for 15 months and it has always been calibrated to hit driver directly in the middle of the hitting area. The driver is the only club that has to be hit from the same location every time.

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      One big worry with the Wiz golf was the spin and spin axis measurement vs calculation. I've been told that they had a recent update to improve this but there are no reviews or comparisons that I can find or have been informed on.


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        The update is technically in beta testing and the side spin measurement has been greatly improved.

        I believe the update will be coming by this week. They’ll wiz-I team has done a great job with updates and improvements.

        Seeing other new launch monitors have issues, and reading older launch monitors that had issues in the past has allowed me to have confidence that the wiz is getting close to a finished product with all the improvements. Ex. Skytrak side spin issues. Qed used to be calculated when it first came out as well.

        I volunteered to create video content on the wiz-I because I thought it was going to be easy. Much harder than expected. Prob why few people review products. Haha


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          Thanks DaveyRockit. The QED was always measured spin and spin axis but needed special marked balls. Is the new update measuring spin/spin axis? If not how is this being done? Does it require markings on the ball? We appreciate the feedback.


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            New update just dropped. It measures side spin now.

            all measures have been from using the logo of the ball