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Recessed Spotlight for Hitting Area?

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  • Recessed Spotlight for Hitting Area?

    Hey everyone I had a custom built-out golf area and trying to find a recessed spotlight to put light right where I'm hitting from but minimize ambient light on my impact screen.

    Has anyone else done this and if so any recommendations on lights?

    I have a 4 inch width prewired area to put the light but need to make sure I get the correct style of light.

    I'm struggling to find a lot of information online about the options and don't want to just order a light and then not have it work.

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    This is the area and one of the options I'm looking at for lighting with the lighting wiring area. Thanks!


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      Hi there.

      I have done something similar yes, I have absolutely no idea what make they were, but I remember choosing something that had a fairly narrow beam angle.

      It does really well in terms of lighting up the floor around the ball, but not the rest of the area, which keeps the picture looking sharp.

      Thats maybe where I would focus my efforts in picking the right fitting..

      If its not too late, I also have a super narrow one over my golf bag, illuminating my clubs, which looks really good, and is super practical..