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New Uneekor Simulator Build - Advice requested!

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  • New Uneekor Simulator Build - Advice requested!

    Brand new to this forum and wanted to get some advice about options for a simulator build.

    Space: 15.5 Feet Wide x 16 Feet Long, 9 foot ceilings.
    Already have hitting mat being used with a net return pro.

    Here is what I was thinking. Also, where is the best place to get The Golf Club software that I could use with Uneekor? And what computer do I need? Am I missing anything?

    Thanks in advance for all the advice!
    Simulator Uneekor $8000
    Projector BenQTH617ST (amazon warehouse) $580
    Screen Carl's Enclosure 16:9 7.7x13x5 ft $1299
    Software The Golf Club

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    make sure graphics card is gtx 1060 6gb or better. I went with gtx1070 and all is great in wizards world.

    I would get screen from dbgolf and emt from home store order connectors and build my enclosure. I had a good time building mine from scratch.


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      Agree with could save yourself about $1k by building your own enclosure.

      1)get screen from dbgolf (search this forum for buy screen direct from mill)
      2)get your emt fittings here.
      3)buy emt at home depot or lowes (they will cut to your specs if you ask)

      and that's it.

      Other things you may need.

      1)I'm not sure of your projector, but make sure you can mount it so that it does not interfere with QED. The QED must be mounted 3.5 feet behind your hitting spot along the center line. Check with projector calculator that your projector can be mounted in the available space.
      2)Do not skimp on the graphics card....most important part for smooth game play.
      3)Buy TGC direct at


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        Uneekor - I would recommend the $7,000 package instead of the $8,000 package. All you'd be losing is a few golf courses, which quite honestly, is the weakest part of the Uneekor package. Take that $1,000 for The Golf Club 2019, which you can buy right here from Protee.


        • dudley286
          dudley286 commented
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          RG..That is great advice on saving 1K!!! Something that I would have never thought of!!

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        I was going to say something similar to rgstech, but I would go a step further. Get the $6k Uneekor package. You won't need any of their courses (with TGC or JNPG). You will lose the short game practice which is pretty cool but you can scratch that itch on TGC as well. I also built my own enclosure, not too hard.


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          I just finished a buildout anchored by a Carl’s enclosure. Kudos to you DIY’rs, it is certainly the most economical way to go. For those willing to part with the cash, I recommend the Carl’s enclosure for a couple of reasons. First, the 5 foot shroud with Velcro flaps gives it a nice finished look, and you can hide mattress topper padding behind the top rear bar flap to help with bounce back on the wedge shots,very clean looking. Second, I’m using mine for a 4k home theater as well, and the premium screen works well for video quality for the dual use application (although I don’t know whether the DIY screen is comparable for video quality or not, it may be).

          Good advice from gene on avoiding interference, I went through a lot of moving to get the sensor placed right while avoiding ceiling vents etc. one thing the uneekor guys told me is that you should have direct line of sight from the uneekor lenses to the line that is one meter in front of the tee area. I used a string stretched between those two points to make sure the LOS cleared my optoma 4k550ST short throw projector.

          All in all, very happy with the setup.


          • Wizard of Coz
            Wizard of Coz commented
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            I have a carls premium screen and a dbgolf screen coming. Cant wait to compare.

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          Thanks to everyone for their input - ended up going with Carl’s enclosure and Uneekor and the BenQ projector above and trialing the fiberbuilt station.

          I am loving it so far but definitely think I have indoor sim syndrome - driver seems to be 40 yards short but I think I’m not swinging like normal? Shorter clubs seem closer to regular distance

          Next up, thinking about installing a subfloor with 2x4s laid on their side and 3/4” plywood.
          Was thinking about a built in diy Truestrike versus the original and a 12” fiberbuilt panel for the hitting zone, and then laying down the Camry carpet like at and placing some putting hole/cups around the periphery. Any tips on how best to do this? Can I just do it over the existing carpet and can I just lay it flush to the existing baseboard with the 2x4s into the corners?

          Thanks again!


          • BigJohn
            BigJohn commented
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            I (and my wife and my scratch buddy) are all experiencing the same 40 yard loss issue, on most clubs. Borrowed a GC2 to compare and it shows quite similar results. I asked Uneekor to make a simple software mod to allow me to make my indoor and outdoor games match.

            They claimed I am the "only" customer with this issue & they are concerned that such a change could allow online tournament players to cheat. TruGolf provides such a feature. I thought this was a gentlemen's game!

            Because our indoor distances match GC2, they are hypothesizing I/we are all experiencing "internal bias". It seems really odd that all 3 of us (with handicaps ranging from 1 to 18) would have a bias of the same yardage!!

            Have you contacted Uneekor about this issue, and if so, what was their response to you? Perhaps, in numbers, we can get some attention on this issue.

          • gene438
            gene438 commented
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            BigJohn, you are basically asking for a boost option in the software. You are correct in that some systems allow users to boost to their hearts desire, but, a lot of people frown upon that (online tournament players, etc) because he does destroy the "level playing field", Obviously, if you never play online then who cares if you can hit 500 yard drives or 250 yd

            But the fact that you tested against a GC2 and got same results does tell you that it is you (and family) and not the unit. I honestly believe in the "inside swing syndrome" but I know that you will overcome it as you practice. If you play enough golf to know your handicap then give it a few days and I bet your distances will come up to norm. I suggest you start with a 7 or 8 iron that you know your "real life" distance. As you are hitting, note your carry distance, total distance, launch angle, club speed and ball speed. For me, a normal 8 iron is 143 carry, 150 total, 19 deg launch angle, club speed 82, and ball speed 110. Now when you hit, instead of just saying you are 40 yards short, really look and see where your numbers are compared to the above. Is something out of whack? Try to determine why you are coming up 40 yards short.

          • BigJohn
            BigJohn commented
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            Hi rhinogolf,

            I talked to Uneekor's US Sales Guy (Doug Bybee) today; he was notifying me that Uneekor (Korea) is not interested in adding a "boost" feature for just one purchaser. He was interested, however, in the fact that there is another person experiencing the same distance loss (i.e. I am not denying internal bias is not a factor in play here, but with daily practice I would not expect it to last for months). I personally would like to have a boost capability, and taper off the boost as my indoor yardages begin to match my outdoor distances.

            He asked me to pass along contact info for their awesome US support guy (Austin Lee, Austin can log into your system (using the included TeamViewer app) and ensure you have no software version issues (which he corrected with a patch to my system) or system calibration issues. I have spent quite a bit of time with Austin (assessing my system's behavior) and his support in very timely, polite and thorough.

            I think that if Uneekor hears of enough interest in having a boost feature, they may reconsider it. To gene438's comment on having a level playing field, I agree & expect Uneekor would follow suit with TruGolf's and SkyTrak's boost implementation, in which boosted yardages are only allowed in non-tournament play. In online tournament events, the boost feature is automatically disabled. TruGolf also learned from their previous boost implementation that putts must not be subjected to boosting.


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          I just hooked up my Uneekor and found out that the Fiberbuilt panel is too dark for the Uneekor to read the golf club. It does not effect the ball flight data, but it does effect educational information. I have not contacted Fiberbuilt (yet). Sorta of a bummer.


          • Jtangm04
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            That's a bummer about fiberbuilt with the uneekor.

          • BigJohn
            BigJohn commented
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            Tee Line turf works great for me, with Uneekor.

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          So does it not give any reading or are they messed up? This is not good, have you reached out to uneekor? Curious if it’s something they can fix.
          Originally posted by Great Lakes Hobby View Post
          I just hooked up my Uneekor and found out that the Fiberbuilt panel is too dark for the Uneekor to read the golf club. It does not effect the ball flight data, but it does effect educational information. I have not contacted Fiberbuilt (yet). Sorta of a bummer.


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            The small Fiberbuilt flight deck I used seems to work- is the fiberbuilt panel a darker color?


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              Yes the Fiberbuilt hitting surface is darker than the Fiberbuilt carpet that I stand on.


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                Did you run the calibration program and turn up the brightness? I found that I had to actually turn down my brightness due to reflection off of my hitting mat. When doing so, I notice there is quite a lot of range in the brightness control.


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                  I am hitting on a Fiberbuilt (insert) mat with a Uneekor in my almost finished sim. The readings I am getting are "very" similar to the readings I get when taking lessons at Golftec with a gc2. No problems on my end.


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                    I received a very quick (and friendly) response from Fiberbuilt regarding the color of the mat. 1. They confirmed that many other places are not having any problems and 2. They do have a lighter colored hitting mat. I am going to continue to tweek my system before purchasing the lighter mat. The lighter colored mat is shown on their website.


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                      For reference, here is what I am hitting off of.

                      Click image for larger version  Name:	Fiberbuilt.jpg Views:	0 Size:	138.9 KB ID:	221396