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basement simulator build

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  • basement simulator build

    Skytrak + TGC2019
    Dell S510n ultra-short throw projector ($500)
    Lenovo Idea Pad (AMD Ryyzen5), touchscreen ($600)
    Dynamax Sports High Impact Golf Barrier Net, White, 10X30-ft ($135)

    Basement ceiling height: almost 9 feet
    Hitting Surface - Megagrass MegaGolf Pro 0.63" tall artificial turf 5' x 10' pad (~$200 i think)

    I originally built a 8' x 15' raised putting surface you see in the back for my kids to practice in the winter or whenever.

    I didn't really think I could afford to build a simulator until I discovered the Skytrak. I had a certain budget I had in mind and knowing that it always takes me forever to build things, I also wanted to keep it simple. Anyway, I don't know if anybody else has done anything like mine below, but I tried to think out of the box. I thought about using the existing putting green and setting it up to where you hit to the left wall, but that putting green is about 6" high already and it would probably lower the available height to a little under 8.5' which I thought would be too low. I'm not tall by any measure (5'8") but my test swings on the basement floor were really tight already (almost hitting the ceiling). So i decided to hit towards the putting green like below and setup an impact screen in front of it. I needed one that could retract on a roller to get it out of the way for when we use the putting surface. I couldn't find anything that fit my budget and i searched everywhere (lot of them were approaching half the cost of the ST box itself - for a glorified curtain lol). What I did instead was buy an outdoor golf net and put it on a curtain track I bought off of Aliexpress for cheap. When I need to putt, I can just move the curtain all the way to the right out of the way. Some of you might ask why I have the net all the way around like that - I've only been playing for a year or two and am trying to get better and my shots can be pretty wayward at times - ha (wicked slice). The curtain works well for stopping the shots.

    I set up an ultra-short throw projector behind the net to project onto the wall. The hardest part in setting this up was the crappy ceiling mount i bought coupled with how the ultra-short throw projector works. Any slight twist/turn on the projector has really big effects on the squareness of the projected image. There was only so much I could do with keystone correction (you don't want to use too much of that anyway as it tends to lessen the image quality). So squaring and leveling the hanging projector was a royal pain in the ass. I got it more or less squared up though. I don't know if it's the image quality in the picture below, but it honestly is not a big deal looking at at the image through the net - especially when your image has a 150" diagonal (plus you have the laptop screen facing right at you too).

    I had some left over carpet padding and placed it beneath my hitting surface for extra cushioning (would prefer some kind of gel padding underneath but am still looking for some big pieces). I also originally bought these triangular foam pieces to put in front of the lip of my putting green to absorb any hits to the edge of the green to prevent bounce back but i learned the hard way that this type of foam doesn't work as it is basically elastic. I ended up buying custom memory foam blocks as they are viscoelastic for those nerds out there (the yellow ones below) and they work great. I've drilled them with some drives and they just absorb the impact.
    i didn't do a great job with the foam ceiling tiles though - probably will revisit this in the future but it is what it is for now.

    One last bonus - my kids play soccer too, so they've been practicing kicks with the net as well.

    Anybody have connection issues with TGC 2019 and the ST? It seems pretty flaky and I can't figure out why. I have to turn the ST box off and on and re-start the TGC interface.

    Here's to many years of use with my family!

    Click image for larger version

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