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Holden's Golf Sim Build (Garage) + Questions

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  • Holden's Golf Sim Build (Garage) + Questions

    Holden's Golf Sim Build (Garage) + Questions

    First of all thanks to the wealth of knowledge on these forums, I have gone thru and read countless questions and problems solved.
    I'm a pretty young golfer with a 20-25 handicap and this will be my first sim build. Im probably going to go with a ST(Skytrak) System to start with because up here in Canada there is rarely any stock and I can get my hands on one in about a month.

    I'm going to be utilizing my 2nd empty garage space. Im lucky to have a very tall 12-13' garage but I build a Mezzanine to store some of my young kids junk etc. So I have full range to swing but am planning to put the hitting matt(screen) below. This leaves me with about 8' wide and either 7-8' tall. (Think I may take off the tracks for where the garage could open up into to give me ever more room/width so the tracks wont interfere.

    From where I will be swinging from I could have anywhere from 8-12'feet. I don't want to stand too far back in case I get under some balls and pop em up too high.
    My first thoughts to start today were to put in a quick and simple dricore sub-floor on the part of the garage I would be swinging from, both for accuracy for the ST and also for myself to feel like I have a good "range" ball lie. Not sure how important this is or not, or just buy a nice 6'x5 Matt to hit off of. So my thoughts were to build about 8feet wide by about 12-14 wide long if I went with dry-core first.

    I'm going to budget about 5,000 Canadian dollars, roughly 3700US.

    Budget ($5,000)----- ($ 1350 Remaining)

    Subfloor $150 (If I head this way)

    ST $2800 (Anyone Near TORONTO selling?? =D PM me)

    Hitting Screen -Carl's Screen Maybe? 7.7Hx10W ($600)

    Projector - Not really understanding it all, I think I want 4:3 Aspect, which is cheapest?

    Hitting Mat -

    Various netting/sheets -

    Laptop/PC - Already own a high end gaming pc

    Pics Below, Any thoughts or more info would be greatly appreciated.

    Empty Garage (Sort of) Pre build)