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Soundproofing 101

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  • Soundproofing 101

    This discussion will probably be in four posts because of the size of the information discussed.

    Soundproofing golf sim room can be problematic. What works? The answer is it depends on your goals and the space you are dealing with. Sound proofing is measure by reducing the amount of sound that is transmitted from one space to another. Soundproofing is generally measured by STC (Sound Transmission Class).

    I recommend that you shoot for and STC rating no less than 57. I planned on an STC of 60 with my setup. I figure if I get 58, I will be gold with the wife!

    I did a lot of research on soundproofing for a golf room addition I am doing. Below is a layman’s discussion of some of the options. Hopefully, some of you guys may benefit from the below.

    Here is a typical chart showing what type of noise and related STC rating.
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    Any update on this? Curious to hear how the finished product turned out.


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      If you are doing a garage build with limited space, one can put 1/2 dense carpet padding on the walls glued and screwed after pre-wiring. Carpet and padding is as good as any sound insulation.

      On the ceiling just above the screen there is a thin sheet of plywood that is 5ft in depth (front to back) that that runs the width of the ceiling to keep the lob shots from destroying the drywall under the carpet and padding. Then I covered the walls and ceiling with black carpet (will enhance your projector). One the floor is a dense mesh turf. The space is 9.5 ft high x 12.5 feet wide. I'm right handed so i have to hit slightly off center to the right. If I had more space, of course it would have been wider! To save time I bought a custom fitted screen Par 2 Pro that came with everything including the finishing around the edges. The projector is overhead about 3 ft in front. The screen is 18" in front of the back wall. Behind the screen is a sound bar and sub woofer with the same setup for the side TV. I took down the forward overhead light. The ball is teed up 15' from the screen. I hope this may give someone some ideas . . .

      TGC 2019 Roger505. If anyone wants to play online let me know . . .
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        Originally posted by bvelts View Post
        Any update on this? Curious to hear how the finished product turned out.
        You can see the entire project here: