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Impact screen as home theater screen?

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  • Impact screen as home theater screen?

    Is anyone using their impact screen to double as a home theater screen? I am in the process of sketching out plans for a combination simulator / home theater, and I think things would be easier if I could use one screen for both instead of needing to have two, one which retracts, etc. Is the picture quality of an impact screen going to be a huge dropoff from a traditional HT screen? I am willing to pay a premium for the highest-end impact screen I can get.

    Any general thoughts from people with combination HT/sim setups would also be helpful.


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    I've been trying to do that, but it's just not working very well. I have an EMT enclosure with netting around the top, back and sides. The impact screen sits in front of the rear netting. The impact screen is zip-tied to the EMT loosely to prevent bounce backs. It also has a number of golf ball impressions. Because of that, while watching movies / tv is tolerable, it is distracting.

    I'm now trying to install my screen and netting loosely following the way jerry3 referenced in this post:

    I'm hoping to then hang the manual theater screen to have a more pleasant theater experience. I should have everything done this weekend except the manual theater screen. I can add pictures if it'd be helpful.
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      we have an outstanding Layered screen that has a great HD image. Perfect for home theater and golf simulator.


      we do enclosures as well




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        I use par2pro stealth screen for both. Many of the impact screens these days are HD quality so that's not so much the issue. The main consideration is the ball marks on the screen. On film light background i.e. blue sky will show the ball marks but to be honest you kind of get used to them and they do all blend into one darker patch


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          I use the premium Par2Pro SQ impact screen which is the best I have tried in impact screen world. It gives a good image but not near as well as a screen dedicated to the cinema world. The material is a cloth material on an impact screen which absorbs a lot of the light so image is not as bright and edges can seem fuzzy. Also over time you get impact marks on screen which gives it a wavy look which can distort the image slightly. Image is still great for what it is and it is possible to watch movies.
          A dedicated cinema screen is made to reflect as much light as possible to the viewers and can even make image brighter and crisper which enhances the projectors capability. Also the material is stretched tightly and has no imperfections on surface so you can get a crisp 4k or 1080 image.


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            I do that very thing with my Optoma GT1090HDR on my Carl's premium screen enclosure! Looks amazing! I run golf sim software in 4:3 and Movies in 16:9. All I do is throw a High end Soundbar under the screen and it is in movie mode. I have a 4K Firestick hooked up to it as well for watching games, fights, etc. My guests and family love it!


            • Leo Spaceman
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              Thanks for posting those. I'm looking at a similar situation where my space is perfect for a 4:3 screen for golf, but I wondered how it would work at 16:9 for movies or TV. It looks like it's fine, you just don't use the top and bottom parts of the screen.
              Are you happy with that projector? How far from the screen is your hitting area and where/how far is the projector mounted?

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            Leo Spaceman , Yes, it looks great with movies, still plenty of screen size! I am 9.5' from hitting zone to screen. I had my struggles with the projector at first, but that was mainly due to setup issue that I learned were caused from the enclosure getting in the way of the projector throw... Meaning, that the recommended mounting location of 6.5ft wasn't filling the screen and I eventually learned that was due to the fact that the projector needs to be mounted lower than recommended height and angled slightly up to clear the enclosure which makes it necessary to move back a little further. I am about 1ft further than recommended to fill the screen. If you don't have a enclosure impeding the projector throw, than this wouldn't apply. After a lot of research, trial and error I have it setup perfectly now and love the projector! One bi gripe would be that there is only one 2.1 HDMI input requiring me to utilize a splitter.