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Retractable movie screen or retractable impact screen.

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  • Retractable movie screen or retractable impact screen.

    I'm redoing a major portion of my house and think it's about time to work my first simulator into the space. Want the area to be dual room/home theater and golf simulator.
    I've gone through the forum but can't find an answer that specifically answers my hoping some bright minds here can help out.
    What I have figured out so far:
    Most of the time, the room will be used as a common living space.
    2 screens: Think the general consensus is that an impact screen isn't ideal for typical TV/movie viewing...thus 2 screens.
    Projector: anything with a semi short throw and lens memory will work for a 2 screen system.
    Seating: Will put in an ottoman and couch behind the hitting area to complete the living room feel (about 16 feet back?)

    Option 1: Fixed movie screen and putting a retractable impact screen 1.5-2 feet in front. (Par2Pro?)
    Pros: Better screen for movie viewing. Audio setup shouldn't be an issue since all will be behind impact screen once lowered
    Concern: Is it necessary to have bottom anchors for the retractable impact screen...are they stable enough with a loose bottom edge? Don't really want to have 2 anchor points coming out of the ground. Also more space will probably be required since seating and distance is dictated more by impact screen placement.

    Option 2: Fixed impact screen and having a smaller retractable movie screen in front.
    Pros: CHEAPER. Decent retractable movie screens are cheaper vs retractable impact screen. The Par2Pro screen aint cheap!
    A lot of impact screen options if retractability is taken out of the equation
    Less space is required since impact screen is in the back...having the movie screen come down won't effect couch placement (just get a smaller screen).
    Concern: Audio setup might be trickier. Retractable movie screen may effect image quality for movies?

    Just realized this post got LONG. Any input/advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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    did you look at the sportscreen? Also did you want side/top protection on the golf screen? What are your space dimensions


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      I was looking at the Stealth Retractable screen with the SportScreen layer behind it. I am open to other screens.
      The right side of the simulator will be up against a wall. The left side and top will be open. I'm looking at installing thick curtains that I can pull out and slide back for protection on both sides and the top.
      The space is an open space. Similar to a loft space. The further back I push this simulator hitting wall, the smaller my home office/guest room behind it gets.

      I was measuring out the simulator at my coach's studio today. He's got a 13x8 screen. Tee to screen is 12 feet and another 6 feet of clearance behind the tee. Total length of 18 feet. Projector is set at 16 feet.
      Does this seem like a large simulator?
      I would need to account for another 6 feet for an ottoman and couch so 24 feet total length (18' + 6').
      If I install the retractable impact screen in front of the movie screen, that adds another 2 feet (for buffer) length adds up to 26 feet. Do builds usually get this big??
      Seems to be getting a bit excessive.


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        you need 15-18 ft of depth. screen is 1 ft off wall + 8-10 ft screen to ball and another 6 -7 ft from ball to back wall ( room to swing ). most short throw projectors mount 10-12 ft from screen. if you get a high quality golf screen, that can double as home theater screen as well. Are you set on a retractable golf screen or would you entertain a fixed enclosure. what is your ceiling hieght? did you want top protection? ro were you just going to do curtains on sides?


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          Sound like I can bring it in by 2-3 feet. With the living room couch. still puts me close to 20 feet for the room depth.
          I am open to going for a one screen solution, but everything I've read has said that impact screen material, ball marks, screen wear all aren't ideal for movie/tv watching. I'm the only golfer in the family, so I'm trying not to upset others lol. Thus considering the retractable movie or impact screen option.
          Ceiling height is not an issue, got about 15 feet or so to work with.
          Heavy curtains on the sides and top should stop balls right? (8 feet out left and right from screen, 6 feet out on top)


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            so you have 15' ceilings? Can you post some pics of room and rough dimensions? That way I can get a better perspective!


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              If using 2 screens you will have to refocus the lens every time you use the opposite screen. I have a par2pro sq screen movies look great on them.


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                If you're looking to just buy a retractable setup and purchase the screens separately then check out my comment and link on what I used. Unfortunately, they are sold out but if you're handy it saved me a ton on cost and worked really well. There is a video of the operation in the comments.




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                  Your first option is exactly what I am doing. I purchased the Par2Pro stealth retractable screen on 8/25. Should be here by end of this month or early October. I went with 160' wide so it was a custom size. I went with the BenQ LK 953ST projector as I wanted something 4K. The plan is to focus the image on the impact screen and then see what size image will be on the wall where movie screen will be. And then build a movie screen to fit that. Hopefully that will eliminate having to refocus the image when switching from golf to movies. Will update once install begins!


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                    I am also going with Option 1, using in-wall speakers behind a fixed acoustic-transparent movie screen. This should allow me to position a 12' wide Par2Pro retractable screen 12"-16" in front of the movie screen.

                    Regarding the floor hooks, I think having some side tension will help make a flat screen (and better image). I'm considering using flip-up floor anchors on either the floor or the side walls to minimize their impact on the look of the room.
                    Click image for larger version

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