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Appropriate screen size/type?

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  • Appropriate screen size/type?

    Hi all, I started building a ~35'x11' pilates studio / golf sim room during lockdown. (The pilates part was so my wife would agree...)

    My country club gave me 6 mats that they were tossing, so I can get a feel for final placement of everything before I go spend $$$ on better turf. Looking to install the screen and projector next. I was planning on a Premium Impact screen from Carl's. I figure a 10x7.7 or 10.5x8 to fill that space. I'll have 8" to cover below the screen and roughly 2' above it with something TBD. Maybe the smaller 10x7.7 so I can be sure it gives me some room to make it nice and tight?

    Looking at other posts, either some large curtains on the sides, or the carpet tiles on the walls. It's pre-wired for 7.4.1 sound. Color changing Hue lights so I can play with lighting. Not sure on the center channel yet, it will probably be something I move around depending on golf/movies.

    Either way, want to get that screen locked in first. Anything better than Carl's Premium? Not worried about retractable or anything, unless they are more highly recommended and perform better.

    Thanks, going to continue to scan the forum for more info!

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    The bottom is going to be an issue. The raised right side seems problematic, otherwise you could go with an enclosure. Thin shots will be an issue on the bottom on the wall and door. Not quite sure what to do about that! Obviously, you should keep it 12-14" off the wall to allow for impact.


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      We have a flat concrete area in our backyard that was about 100' x 10' with a ledge that was about 18" wide . So I built up and over that to get a little more width.

      If I can't solve the 8" gap in any way, I suppose I could trim out the bottom right edge of the screen, and then it could sit flush.


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        Ordered the 10x7.7 Premium screen. I will build a small ramp up to the 8" so the ball will roll back (assuming it doesn't bounce back on it's own) and will be flush with the bottom of the screen.