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Congrats to @kchogan (NET) and @Wizard of Coz (GROSS) winning the TGC1 2019 FALL TOUR - A Military Tribute at The Greenbrier!

Join this weeks TGC1 2019 FALL TOUR - Sanderson Farms Championship with 2 rounds at Pine Valley ProTee Blue Tees by Craig118 :
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Hello from PA

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  • Hello from PA

    Hello all and thanks for letting me apart of your forum. I live in PA and just purchased a Skytrak with game improvement. Patiently waiting for the delivery next week.

    For the mat I went with a CCE and I will be hitting into a Net Return Home Series with side netting.

    For computer I am running a I7 processor, 16GB ram, Nvidia GTX1050Ti and a M.2 HD all in a Dell Inspiron gaming laptop. As for now I will be displaying video on my 40" HD TV.

    As for the Sim software I have narrowed it down TGC or JNPG. Either I rent JNPG or purchase TGC for life. Leaning towards TGC this way it is a one time purchase and from what I read on here most are prefer TGC.

    Anyway thanks for having.

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    Welcome to the forum!


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      Welcome, I'm in PA as well, eastern PA that is. I started with both TGC and JNPG. Both have their own flaws and upsides. In the end I only kept TGC after the first year. I prefer playing the tournaments here more was really the deciding factor. Good luck to you


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        I'm also new here and live in SE PA. I don't have the ceilings for an indoor simulator so I set one up outside.
        Weather has been bad lately but I get to use it enough to keep the rust from settling in.


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          This is awesome. Might be hard to find your ball in the snow though.

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        Welcome! Fellow Pennsylvanian (central) here. I'm a long time lurker, occasional poster, and currently in the process of building my first Sim.


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          Eastern PA as well. I will be putting my sim in my 3 season room when it arrives (the storm on Friday really messed things up by me and delayed shipment). I have 13 feet 6 inches in length and I am afraid I might be few inches short for the net return home series I purchased (sits 42 inches off wall) leaving me exactly 10 feet. I will try it out if the driver don't work then I will have to send it back and build an impact projector screen about 12 inches off wall.

          Anyway still patiently waiting for the delivery. TTYL


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            I’m another new member to the forum from Southeastern PA. I’m early in the process of figuring out what I want and how much I want to spend but this site seems to give all the options so thanks to everyone for their participation and contributions.

            My main goals are to get better on the course and to do some sort of swing maintenance in the cold months. I can see myself getting very into the whole golf sim world so time will tell if that happens.


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              I am also new and in PA. Chester County. I am just finishing up my first sim build in my garage. I have Skytrak and R-Motion. I have not had much chance to use them during the build.


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                From western PA, Pittsburgh. Got a Skytrak, CCE mat and west coast netting in garage. Setup is basic but works for me since don’t have a spare room in the house. Skytrak works great. Thinking of getting a SkyPro to get club data and a better way to video my swings.


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                  I'm in Southeastern PA and just starting to make plans for a simulator. I'm not sure I have the home space now but will plan a space in our next home purchase. Does anyone have a good vendor/contractor in the area for this type of work if you wanted to build a space? I'm thinking home theater/simulator space personally. Enjoying all the great content here and amazing DIY setups.

                  Still haven't ruled out a skytrak and net setup at home but need to see if I have the right space for a temp fit until we move.


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                    I am from Pittsburgh and after years of lurking, I'm attempting to get this Simulator off the ground.


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                      Also from PA. Love playing tournaments on TGC.