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New DIY'er From MN

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  • New DIY'er From MN

    Hello all, Lookk g forward to utilizing this forum on helping me build my Simulator room.

    I am building a "permanent" install in my garage. Currently I am in process of drywall/taping and planning.

    Is there a writeup on how to plan the area properly? I am using a GC2 and that's about all I have figured out.

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    I'll let the veterans of this website who have more experience give a better answer. But I'm just nearing the completion of my first ever build (also in the garage) and here's what I would've done differently if I were to do it again:

    -- Figure out your screen size first and then plan and build off of that. I made the mistake of getting started with the build while not putting enough consideration into the size of the screen. So I had to take a few steps backward with the build once it came time to buy a screen. If I had to do it again, I would decide on a screen size first and then go from there.

    -- Figure out where you plan to have the ball when hitting and then mark it with a piece of tape on the floor. Use that spot as sort of a cornerstone for the rest of the build. Make sure you can freely swing driver from that spot.

    -- Related to that, figure out what you're going to do as far as a projector is concerned. Decide if you're going to do a ceiling mount or a floor mount and make sure you'll be able to fill your screen from the distance you have to work with and where the projector will be able to sit.

    -- Decide if it will be strictly a golf sim room or will double as a movie or sports watching room / man cave room. Mine began as just a golf sim but about halfway through I decided I would have it double as a sports watching hangout room so that caused me to shift some plans around.

    I think identifying your screen location and size, hitting location and projector location are 3 important reference points to settle on before you really start getting your hands dirty.


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      Size is the big thing. 12 feet by 17 minimum and 17 x 23 ideal with 10 foot ceilings. The rest is gravy. Read what is here.


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        Thanks for the insight, I'll get started with finding the screen size asap.


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          Have you started yet? I just finished mine and went with the uneekor simulator. I also used a 10x10 screen maybe should have went a bit bigger. It works great though and spent about 600 dollars more than I needed to on hitting mats but other than that everything came together great. I tried to upload photos but It is saying the file size is too big and I am not that computer savy....