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    Hello everyone. My name is Gary and I recently joined the Forum while research info for a home Simulator. I have been reading all of your comments and articles about purchasing a Golf Sim over the past few months and recently ordered my equipment based on your comments and other research I have conducted. The equipment I have ordered and received so far is the Carl's Place 14'x8' enclosure and premium impact screen, along with a SkyTrak LM and protective case, a BenQ LK936ST 4K Laser projector I ordered in early March and hope to receive by August, a i7 PC with 16 gig of ram and a Nvidial RTX 3060 graphics card. I want the best screen graphics for TGC 2019 which I will order in a few weeks. I will also be ordering the Fiberbuilt Performance 12'x10' combo Mat to go with the enclosure.

    I am in the process of building a new Garage and will turn my old garage into my Sim Room/Home Theater. Construction/Renovation should be completed by September. I want to have all of my equipment in place by the time my Sim Room is ready. I will continue to gather new and updated information from the Forum and look forward to sharing my thoughts on my Sim setup once it is up and running. Thanks again for all the great information you've provided.



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    Hey Gary,
    I also just joined the forum and am in the process of getting my in home garage sky track simulation set up done. I hear TGC 2019 is the best simulation software. Do you (or anyone else) know if there are any updates/newer versions of the game coming in the next year or so?

    Should I purchase the one time software and be done? Or is this something that we will have to annually upgrade or even buy a whole new game eventually?



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      Hi Ross,

      From everything I have read during my research TGC 2019 seems to be the best way to go. It really boils down to personal preference. For me though TGC 2019 is the best way to go for now. From what I have read, and from comments on the Forum, updates for TGC 2019 are pretty much non-existent and it doesn't appear that a new version is coming anytime soon. I hope I am wrong but that seems to be the general consensus here on the Forum. When I purchase TGC 2019 I will be purchasing the onetime license. That provides the biggest bank for one's buck. There are a lot of members on the Forum who are much more knowledgeable about what we just discussed. I would recommend that you peruse all of the articles and comments provide here on the Forum and make your decision on that.

      Good luck with Ross. I hope I was able to answer your questions.