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20 x 20 Golf Sim Room addition built onto existing home

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  • 20 x 20 Golf Sim Room addition built onto existing home

    Hello, I’m Alex from Denver, Colorado. Thought I would introduce myself as this Golf Sim Room is built onto our existing house. Approval from HOA and City, has to happen. The build might take a while, but nothing ventured, nothing gained. If all approvals are granted I will start a build thread and document all the steps. I am meeting with the contractor today. The addition must look as if the house came with this new room. Should be fun. Trackman 4 will be used as my launch monitor.

    Thanks Guys!


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    This sounds awesome! Looking forward to seeing the progress!


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      Thank you UnderPar. Lots of hurdles to jump over before the building can actually start. Soil samples, plans drawn to scale, setbacks to observe, HOA needs to give approval. Seems like a lot of BS to go through… but I will press on!


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        HOA would not approve the addition onto our home. I guess I live with communists that have no respect for other peoples property rights, So, I am going to build it in my Garage using the KDP Flip-Up System. My 13' 10" wide x 8' tall impact screen is on a 1" EMT frame and it rotates down into place when you want to practice, and also rotates up out of the way when getting the cars in the garage is needed. More to come. Meeting with the Trackman Rep next week.



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          What a shame! Its your house and you can't even do with it what you want. What a world we live in.


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            A perfectly well functioning capitalistic system. There are other options besides living in an HOA community and everything is priced accordingly. It's a shame that you can't do what you like but I wouldn't place blame on our system.