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GSA Vistrak Beta Testing

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  • GSA Vistrak Beta Testing

    We are getting close to releasing the Beta version of Vistrak. The final configuration and pricing is still subject to change. We are testing a few more lighting configurations and then we will be making a decision on the final single camera specs. Soon after the single camera Vistrak release, a floor mounted Vistrak launch monitor will be released for beta testing. I expect that the pricing for this unit will be close to the single camera overhead unit. And finally the CX surround Vistrak will be released. More information will be available next week.

    If you are interested in GSA's Beta testing program please send me a private message with the following information.

    Name, Forum user name, email address, your current simulator if any, what software you are currently using , computer specs, and whether you are interested in the ceiling model or the floor model.

  • Thanks flightscoperick for your help...I
    I read all posts of this thread during the day, and crossed my findings with GSA's website and I finally start to understand better the project !
    Meanwhile, I have found the links to download the control panel and driving range + course demo : (for those interested, down at the bottom of the page).

    Question related to your own setup
    Initially, if I'm not wrong, you've been testing the Vistrak eagle + Vcam on the floor '?' (for spin and LA).
    I have also read that you're now testing the stere cam sytem + Vcam.
    Why have you decided to move from eagle to the stereo sytem (IR lighting maybe '?' and/or more ceiling cameras)+ VcamB (you say Vcam but I guess it is VCamB).
    and why not LX High res ?
    Click image for larger version  Name:	2020-01-02 00_15_52-GSA Vistrak Beta Testing - Golf Simulator Forum.jpg Views:	0 Size:	29.1 KB ID:	235657

    Question for all users related to best combo and value for money (with measured spin, LA and club information)

    I've been exchaning with Martin a couple of days back asking him the best combo for accurate ball data (in particular spin measurement) and club information. I'm waiting for his feeback after the break. My own analysis is the following.

    cheaper solution
    eagle + VcamB (my wife starts playing golf and she's left handed and I could rarely fit LH player - twice in 5 years !) :

    the website says : VisTrak Eagle VcamB : Combo VisTrak Eagle and Vcam B. $ 3,798
    Vcam B Floor mounted data: Club Angle of Attack, ball speed, ball spin and ball vertical launch angle.
    Eagle ceiling mounted data: club path, speed and face angle, Ball speed and ball path


    better accuracy, more time consumming for the initial setup
    Vistrak stereo + VcamB
    the website says : VisTrak Stereo : Combo VisTrak Eagle and CX2 3 camera system. $ 3,999
    All cameras in separate casing - ceiling mounted. Data: club speed, path and face angle, ball speed, path and vertical launch
    I will still have to add the cost of the VcamB : 1000USD

    better accuracy + quicker to install

    surround + VcamB :
    The website says; VisTrak Eagle Surround : Combo VisTrak Eagle and CX2 3 camera system. $ 5,499
    All cameras in long (7ft) Surround casing - ceiling mounted. Data: club speed, path and face angle, ball speed, path and vertical launch
    The surround vs stereo is +1500USD - the "only difference" is the fact that the surrond version comes in a long surround casing - identical to Uneekor.
    Maybe, it's easier to setup but I don't mind taking the time to install the stereo cases and use the difference of price to purchase a VcamB camera (or LX high res if I can play TGC without spin measurement when desire - when playing with a LH player)

    what's your point of view ?
    maybe keither5150 can also give his fthoughts...

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    • I would speak to Keith he. Has way more experience with GSA then I do. He also has insight of what’s coming up with GSA. As for spin rates the calculated spin I was getting from the Eagle was almost what I was getting from my Flightscope before I sold it. A few months ago. If you know your spin rate you can dial it in pretty good. I might add a spin camera latter on if I think I need one.


      • flightscoperick I thought the Vcam of your surround system was bringing you measured spin..but I was wrong, it's the VcamB that does it :
        Click image for larger version

Name:	2020-01-02 01_51_28-GSA Golf_ VisTrak Eagle.jpg
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        Do you see any difference between your initial eagle setup and with your new surround multi camera ?



        • Stereo cameras are more accurate than a single camera. Speed, HA , and LA will have very small tolerances of error.

          I have a done some tests that measure the accuracy of stereo putting. From my crude tests, I came to the conclusion that HA was accurate +/- less than 0.25 degrees. There are a few videos on YouTube that show the accuracy of stereo putting. The Eagle being a single camera can't compare to the stereo set up. Putting seems to be something that many simulators struggle with. GSA's stereo systems have excellent putting. That being said..... we are still beta testing. Putting is lower down on the list. We are hoping to have most of the major bugs worked out by the end of the month. The videos can be found in my YouTube channel.....Keither5150. For $1500 or so...… it is hard to beat the Vistrak Eagle. Video playback of the club at impact shows you face angle and club path. The single camera unit can be played with E6, E6 connect, TGC, TGC2019. The single unit can be used along side of other sims like the GC2 or Skytrak. $1500 provides a pretty good value for club data and video playback.


          • keither5150 , thanks for the head up.
            Martin must be very busy at the moment, so could you help me with the hardware selection ?

            Is it possible to combine
            Vistrak stereo + VcamB
            Vistrak stereo + Vistrack LX High Res

            Will both give me the same accuracy for spin measurement and LA ?

            What is the price of each combo ?



            • Hello, I have a couple questions.

              1. Can you use the CX2 system with vistrak eagle? I have the CX2 system that I was using and then bought the vistrak eagle beta. Would using both get me more accurate information?

              2. I have been having issues with the game overlay and it registering on the game itself. When it does register, it shows my shots go too far and its not registering properly. Ive been on the GSA website to try to fix it and have sent martin several emails and messages but I have yet to fix the issue. I have had this vistrak beta for about 4 months and havent been able to use it. If anyone else has been having any of these issues and knows how to fix it that would be great.


              • I will ask keither to send you an invite to GSA discord so we can help you out. There still are a few issues small issues but very playable. I am currently using Vistrak stereo setup so basically same thing
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                • Thanks! I tried to use both the cx2 system and the vistrak, but I can only click one or the other in the camera setup options


                  • keither5150
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                    Click on " Use Vistrak Yes" in the top left of the set up menu.
                    Then click on Vistrak Stereo. Do you have both cams on the ceiling?

                  • keither5150
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                    Sent you a link to discord.

                • i have the vistrak eagle on the ceiling with the hcam still mounted up there too. they are not in the same spot the hcam is closer to the screen


                  • Does anyone have experience using a single ceiling mounted Vistrak Eagle for a golf simulator? I know it will miss a lot of measurements without additional cameras but is it decent alone?


                    • flightscoperick
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                      If you just want it to use with an existing launch monitor for video playback it’s good. As for playing sim golf at this time I would not recommend it. I have the Vistrak stereo it’s almost there still a few bugs but playable and has lots of potential.