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Vistrak LX users

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  • Vistrak LX users

    Hi all

    Anybody here actually had much experience using the LX 1 or LX2? How does this system compare to Skytrak for example. Trying to navigate the minefield of data on the GSA website is a bit frustrating as its allover the place. Does the LX actually measure LA or is it a preset value? I read that somewhere but cant find that info again. If someone could clarify for me that would be super

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    Only system.that I would recommend is the Stereo system. Contact me for more info.


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      Thanks Rick ill send you a email


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        I have the KX2 (March 2021) and have ZERO luck with the system from day 1. What a disappointment and no refunds.


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          Have you gotten any of it to work? Does the hardware work? What about the software?

          Did you see his youtube channel?

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            I would search this site for the company and their products. Plenty of posts over the past year.


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              Martin is responsive to communication but so many problems with hardware and software. I paid $2300 new for vistrak eagle/ VCAM and assumed the included 97 GSA courses with driving range would function, not so much. Noticed he has dropped prices by 30% since my purchase (March 2021).