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Max Frame Rate (actual) in SwingCatalyst

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  • Max Frame Rate (actual) in SwingCatalyst

    Is the max frame rate in SwingCatalyst (SC) throttled to 200fps? I note that in the user materials on the SC website when they show the below frame rate window it always has 200fps, but I cannot find anything on the website that expressly states that 200fps (or 199.86fps) is SC's max tolerable frame rate.

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    I am trying to get to >240fps.

    My FLIR Blackfly S GigE cameras are rated for 291fps but no matter what changes I make to the camera settings in SwingCatalyst I cannot get the frame rate above 199.86fps. I have updated my drivers, camera firmware, Pylon and Spinnaker software, and I do not see that any of their settings are limiting my max frame rate. My hardware still exceeds the SC recommended spec.


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    I don't think I can delete this post so for those interested here is the update:

    I reached out to Swingcalyst and got the standard ticket reply that they would process my Home Edition query in 2-5 business days.

    However, a few minutes later one of SC's engineers sent me this:
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    I then went through each point and found my error, it was white balance was set on auto & continuous. Now I am getting >280fps.

    Go Stian!!


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      Your response from Stain means you got a response from the boss. That guy knows his stuff !!


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        In my experience, pay attention also to your shutter speed. That will sometimes have a bigger impact on blur than your FPS rate. The faster your shutter speed, the less blur you'll get even at higher frame rates.


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          Thank you!