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Post Approve?

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  • Post Approve?

    What is this about? I have been posting here and now it is requiring someone to approve my post. Did I do something wrong? If so, I would like to know why.


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    Same here. My short posts do go through but my longer posts become unapproved. Very annoying and is preventing me from helping out others or participate in discussions.


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      Well, not that there seems to be any answers forthcoming, but I had that issue as well. I don't really mind as I rarely post anything profound, but I'll think I'll stick to reading posts here. I'm sure we just triggered a false positive for forum moderation and whoever is in charge of reviewing these things isn't super motivated at the present.


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        I don't post a lot, but had this happen recently on one particular post. It got approved with a minor edit removing a reference to a different company's software, so I'm wondering if there may be some key words or topics they'd prefer not be discussed in this forum?


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          I found that any post mentioning another software starting with "gs" gets unapproved.


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            I don't know why e6 mentions don't get blocked. Were they the original simulator software that TGC was the disruptor?


            • wzjy47
              wzjy47 commented
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              My issue wasn't with e6, it was the same one @assiebenny mentioned. I'm not 100% sure why, but on the surface, they're probably closer in price and more of a direct competitor to TGC maybe?

            • aussiebenny
              aussiebenny commented
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              wzjy47 Maybe it's because that other one also allows users to design courses like the tgc. So it definitely is a "direct" competitior in that sense I guess.

            • DS12
              DS12 commented
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              I understand the software that caused blocked posts and it makes sense as it might be more of a direct competitor.

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            All Golf Simulation products and services are welcome here.
            Users and products will get banned when not following the forum rules: or terms of use: .

            The product you are referring to has been banned.


            • SkeetShooter
              SkeetShooter commented
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              Can you please explain why its been banned? I couldn't find in your guidelines does it mention that specific product.

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            Apparently the moderators work the forums to perfection) Maybe it's a problem for someone, but it's probably spam prevention?


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              Who knows, but I started a topic a week ago and it's unapproved. At this point I'd just like to delete it as I've answered my question on my own and really have lost interest in the topic. It did have the dreaded "GS" product mentioned so maybe that's it? Honestly, I'm fine with posts being rejected if it is a redundant topic or something (mine might have been)-- but this limbo state is slightly annoying (not a big deal in the scheme of things, obviously).

              Anyway, lots of useful info on this forum and I purchased my Launch monitor from the classifieds, so I'm glad it's here. I just have to remember not to post anything.


              • bubbtubbs
                bubbtubbs commented
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                I've seen a few people name the software in question as, "the competitor", which I find hilarious for reasons I can't adequately explain.

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              Banned for cheating, hacking, game exploits, bypassing filters, redirecting, spam, advertising, solliciting, misleading information and more.

              Nothing todo with "competitor". All products are welcome here.

              Forum rules:

              Topic closed and pinned.